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San Francisco neighborhood blames city for homeless RV problem

ABC 7 News

The growing number of RVs parked on neighborhood streets is “out-of-control” claims San Francisco neighborhood homeowners, and demand the city become more proactive in solving the problem, reports ABC 7 News.

“Once you get a couple RVs, it’s like a signal goes out. It’s a dumping ground,” said David Lara, who was referring to RVs parked along University Street around the corner from his home in San Francisco’s Portola neighborhood. “We’re at the point it’s getting out of control,” he added. On Thursday night, ABC7’s crew counted half a dozen RVs in the area, but Lara said he’s seen up to 35 RVs and trucks parked in one day.

“Neighbors have … witnessed things being dumped down the sewer,” said David’s wife, JoAnn, who has lived in the Portola her whole life. She said the RVs have gradually become a problem the past few years. She’s concerned about the safety and well-being of both her neighbors and the people living in the RVs.

“Why doesn’t the city open their hearts and find somewhere for these people?” JoAnn asked.

“There is no silver bullet to these types of issues,” said SFMTA’s spokesman, Paul Rose, who also said restricting RV parking in more parts of the city does not solve the problem.

“What we’ve found is that just moves it to a different neighborhood or a different part of the city,” Rose said.

“Something’s gotta give here. My residents are rightfully fed up,” said San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen, who is in charge of District 9, which includes the Portola.

Ronen said she is proposing solutions, like Proposition C on the November ballot, which taxes large corporations in order to pay for homelessness.

She’s also in favor of an RV park.

“I asked the Department of Homelessness to find a space somewhere in San Francisco where people living in RVs could camp legally and safely and maybe have access to bathrooms. And what I was told is they don’t have money in their budget,” Ronen said.


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4 years ago

Why do liberal/leftist politicians always go to the “tax more” default for every societal problem? If the elected officials in California were more concerned with the needs of American citizens and more fiscally responsible, there would be funding available to address these needs.

4 years ago
Reply to  Chip

Because you, personally, do not pay enough taxes.

4 years ago

I lived in SF and Oakland for over 10 years. I was forced to live in my camper vehicle for 3 years and now recently again within the past mnonth. This i s due to being a renter and dealing with landlords being greedy and/or breaking the law. Recently I had to call on pedofilia charges against my landlord and was harrassed, threatened and spent thousands of dollars to remove myself from the situation leaving me traumatized but not broken. I did not feel safe there and had to leave. Ive lost practically everything. As someone whom is a working professional, respectful and compassionate, I didnt deserve any of this nor to be put into this situation. I am of the many in these similar situations being displaced from living in the bay area. There will be some who inhabit rvs in the bay area that are disrespectful, addicts, and litter. People need to understand, many of us are employed while living in a rv, camper or car. Overall, there are more good than bad, but overall it is the fear or control issues that people automatically have when seeing a rv, camper or someone living in their car. The police get called, you get told to move or worse. You get harrassed by people in the neighborhood, and sometimes attacked by people who assume everything and anything. This is where people get the rvs taken away, and most who work, then are left homeless and unemployed. There was a great show on kqed about this if you are interested in learning about the growing homeless population in sf, oakland and bay area. I feel that the city needs to do something about the housing crisis, renters rights, and also disability rights for those who do not how to represent themselves through the system and/or need help. (I am a disability advocate that works with the disabled.) They are starting to build tiny houses in Oakland for homeless. Only for literally a handful of people. It’s in the beginning mode, but this crisis needs more resources, faster action, the police force needs more education, and communities need more compassion.

Billy Bob Thorton
4 years ago
Reply to  Alyson

Just curious, did you volunteer to help build ” tiny houses”, that would send a huge message to your community, and the general public at large, that you, as an example are stepping to the plate to help the situation. If you didn’t, and you think its, again the government’s responsibility, you are misguided.

Grab a hammer and join in, be part of the solution.

Billy Bob Thorton
4 years ago

It’s simple, the SF Bay area residents caused this problem, and they now have to live with the consequences. It’s called representative government for a reason, and they, the majority, voted in knucklehead politicians that reflect their views. You haven’t seen anything yet. So boys and girls, pull up a chair to the campfire, pop some popcorn and watch the show. This runs in cycles, like Haight- Ashbury did in the sixties.
Rather than tax the corporations, why not create a homeless camping channel, silicon valley is just down the street, they could do all the creative programming. Better than more companies saying the heck with CA, and flying the coup to another state.

John Rakoci
4 years ago

The problem is real. Not as real as used needles and human poop on the sidewalks of SF. Certainly no where near the problem of owning a plastic straw in SF. Ever think maybe people make or deserve their problems?

4 years ago

Oh yeah …. pile the cost onto the ‘large’ companies to provide an answer to the city’s problem. Anyone working for a large corporation better plan on moving when their company leaves the Bay Area.

If I recall, Seattle tried this earlier this year and the backlash was intense and the effort was cancelled, quick !!

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