Saturday, November 26, 2022



San Gabriel River in Texas overflows banks, floods RV park

Dozens of campers were forced to evacuate the Shady River RV Resort on State Highway 29 east of Georgetown, Texas, Saturday morning when the San Gabriel River overflowed its banks, reported KXAN.

First responders and neighbors began waking people up at about 5 a.m. Christina Landeros said she and her fiance quickly moved their RV from the park, then came back with their truck to help others do the same.

“You see people pulling out their RVs, people running to everybody else’s RV trying to see if anybody else needs help,” Landeros said. “Our little community is really good about helping each other.”

Cara Keith managed to move her family’s RV to the Georgetown Independent School District’s East View High School, where many of her neighbors also brought their belongings. Several RVs, however, flooded when the river came over the berm that’s supposed to protect the park.

In downtown Georgetown, people flocked to a bridge on Austin Avenue to take pictures of the raging South San Gabriel River below. It crested Saturday at 24 feet, swallowing the normally tranquil Blue Hole Park. City leaders said that’s the highest the river has been since 2007.

“We got a bunch of alerts on our phone that [the river] was flooding,” Tatum Marques, who came to look at the river with her mother and two friends, said. “We had only seen the river like this one other time, so we wanted to see how bad it was.”

The City of Georgetown reported that no homes flooded within city limits from all the rainfall. However, the city will likely have to keep San Gabriel Park, Blue Hole Park and the trails along the banks closed until Monday.


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