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See new sights and save with Groupon while RVing

Traveling around the country, we’ve seen many special events, attractions, and museums. We’ve also undoubtedly missed many interesting sights, along the way. But not anymore! I’ve found a way to make sure we see more and still save while RVing. And you can too!


You may have heard about this company or even used it in the past to get discounts on goods and services. (I used it years ago and had forgotten about it. You should know that I’m not a paid promoter of Groupon. I recently rediscovered the company and wanted you to know about it, too.) Groupon, a Chicago-based company, launched back in 2008. Today, Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace that offers coupons, discounts, and cashback on purchases by folks around the world.

How can Groupon benefit RVers?

On Groupon, you can find discounts for a wide variety of activities and services—along with products you may need while RVing. The best part in my opinion is that you’ll discover many local services, attractions, and experiences you might otherwise miss. Once you’ve found what you want, you can take advantage of discounts for the local attraction or product. Win, win!

Accessing Groupon

You can use Groupon’s website, and you can also download the Groupon app to your phone. It’s free. If you find something you want, just tap/click the offer. Groupon will provide a brief description of the experience or product along with verified reviews to help you decide whether to make the purchase.


You may see a Best Price Guarantee badge for a deal. Many offerings on Groupon are guaranteed to be the lowest price available. If you purchase a Best Price Groupon offer and then find a lower price on that item somewhere else, Groupon will repay you the difference as well as add Groupon Bucks for you to use on your next purchase.

Typical treasures

While on the road recently, I searched Groupon for deals near our campground. Here are some of the results: Discount for a round of golf; cash back from a local restaurant; 40% off a clothing boutique purchase; buy one/get one game of bowling; one free yoga session; discounted oil change; 30% off a foot massage; discount on a gun range practice session; and reduced-price paintball tickets.

I didn’t even realize most of these businesses existed nearby. If we planned to stay in this area for a while longer, I could have scored discount tickets to a college ballgame, local ballet theater, or a national music star’s concert.

Your turn

Have you found or rediscovered ways to see more and still save while RVing? Please share in the comments below.



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Jack K. Schmotzer
2 months ago

I’ve used Groupon while traveling and have occasionally found a good deal. However, be aware of the following:

They will sometimes bombard you with multiple email advertisements per day, usually having nothing to do with your location or interests.
They started the emails first time I bought tickets via Groupon, then ended just as suddenly.Be sure to verify prices.
Groupon does not always have the best deal.
Sometimes AAA or AARP discounts are better, Don’t think ‘Groupon Bucks’ offered as discount gimmick in place of lower prices, have much value.
It may be hard to find ways to spend them, and they expire after a few days.
For me, there have been no Groupon offers for 90% of the businesses I want to visit, but I have wasted a lot of time searching for them.
Their search engine is not the best, which leads to a lot of frustration.

2 months ago

I’m in Corpus Christi. I am considering going to the Art Museum. I hadn’t thought of Groupon before reading this article. I see I can save 42% on admission. Wow. Thanks! I’m sorry to read that Groupon hurts businesses, especially small businesses. I guess it comes down to math and your marketing budget.

2 months ago

What are the privacy terms around Groupon usage (app or online). We always hear the “rosie” side of these apps, but not how they use your personal data, distribute it to others, etc. If someone is going to recommend something like this the story isn’t complete without knowing those things.

Last edited 2 months ago by Spike
George Landis
2 months ago

The article about Groupon is interesting!
I owned a touring company and used Groupon to generate business at the bringing. Here’s the dark side of Groupon. The business offering the deal is required to cut their price by 50% and then Groupon takes 25% of the remaining deal. Basically it drives the small business owner out of business unless the margins are so high that those rates won’t affect you. I had to stop using them ASAP. I did it for one year and learned I was better off not doing tours than losing money.

2 months ago
Reply to  George Landis

LOL, Groupon driving you out of business! Yes, for the business owner it is a 100% marketing expense. Is it worth it or not?
I have been on both sides of Groupon as a former business owner, and used it for a short term marketing program. It did its job. Long term however it is a disaster for any business. Do your research, but only blame the person you look at in the mirror if your business fails.

Ron Hubbs
2 months ago

We love the Groupon app. Scored huge savings over holiday weekend while in Frederick Maryland. Highly recommend.

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