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Save on your RV-lifestyle expenses

By Bob Difley
Here are some ways to stretch your RVing dollars. Many of these tips will help you save money at home, too.

• Stay longer at campgrounds or boondocking sites. Check out the weekly rates, sometimes significantly less expensive than the daily rate. You will also reduce your annual mileage driven and fuel used.

• Drive 55. Lower speeds produce more miles-per-gallon, and you will enjoy the scenery more at lower speeds.

• Avoid jackrabbit starts and abrupt stops. It’s all about torque and kinetic energy.

• Keep tires properly inflated. It can save up to 3 percent on fuel mileage.

• Install CFL or LED interior lights. These bulbs not only last much longer but also use less energy.

• Boondock more often. Save campground fees and grid electricity usage.

• Install a solar or wind turbine system. Provides renewable free power to enable camping longer off the power grid.

• If traveling and staying only one night in a campground, pay less by choosing a non-hookup site (sometimes called a tent site) or stay at lower-priced regional or state parks, or at stores that welcome overnighters such as Walmart.

• Eat out less. Save on food costs by preparing your own meals in your RV kitchen.

• Reduce food costs by bypassing the middleman. Buy from farmers markets, roadside farm stands, U-pick farms and orchards, and other local food producers and ranchers.

• Reduce cost of food packaging. Buy in bulk from stores that offer this option.

• Volunteer or become a camp host, which usually comes with a free campsite.

• Start a book exchange at your favorite campground, or encourage the camp host at RV parks to set one up to cut down on the cost of your reading pleasures.

Shop Quartzsite for all kinds of bargains offered by RVers cleaning out their lockers, hard-core flea market sellers and other interesting folk.

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2 years ago

Regarding the last tip “Shop Quartzsite”, is that a website? I have never heard of it and can’t find it. Or is it in reference to something else?

2 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Quartzsite, Az. is on highway 10 appx 30 mi. from the Ca. border. Very popular in the winter season, you can boon dock on the desert all winter season with few restrictions on BLM land.

Seann Fox
2 years ago

Farmers markets here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada are the most expensive place to shop for food 8th Street sample cost twice as much as in the grocery store

2 years ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

Farmers markets typically are a lot more expensive and have questionable quality that is not worth the price and inconvenience. Even organic produce at the local grocery is cheaper and usually better quality. Yes, if farmers would price their produce reasonably, I would be happy to help my fellow neighbor.

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