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Update! The search for an RV for my 11 (now 12) cats is over!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about shopping for a trailer to carry my 11 (now 12) cats across the country in an upcoming move. I was planning to buy a new travel trailer with bunk beds, giving me floor space for litter boxes. I planned to buy a Ford PowerBoost F150 to tow it. This allowed me to run the air conditioner while on the road.

Hazel ready for the road

Many caring and experienced readers expressed dismay that the cats would be in the trailer while I drove. They said it was “dangerous” and “too rough and bouncy.” However, I just could not put 12 cat carriers in the cab of the tow truck.

Well, I took all those comments to heart and have decided to purchase a used Class A. I, of course, had considered it but I wanted a smaller camper rather than a big one, and finances came into play. Truly, your concern and comments helped me change my mind. I can always get a smaller camper when I have fewer pets to care for.

Here is what I factored in when deciding:

  • It is a 2015 model – built when manufacturers were not compromising quality in their rush to produce units. See Mike Gast’s excellent article about the woeful products being produced today here.
  • It has a 10-foot garage. The kitties will enjoy privacy when using their litter boxes. Rubber flooring makes cleanup easy-peasy.
  • I am experienced driving a Class A (albeit a smaller one) while I am a newbie at towing. I was making the effort to learn and was going to practice a lot. Having a Class A will make it easier for me. I still plan to practice maneuvering this big rig so I am more comfortable backing up and navigating turns.
  • Who knows when the automobile companies will have access to the microchips needed to finish their trucks? I ordered a truck back in April and it is still not scheduled. I am now free from factoring in a Ford truck when planning my move. The extra cost of the Class A will be offset by not having to buy a truck.
  • Finally, this rig will allow me to travel more with my kitties and stay longer with more peace of mind.

    Class A Toy Hauler with 10ft Garage

Things I will have to do to make my cat-house-on-wheels ready for travel:

  • My new rig does have an awful tan carpet. I will either remove it or cover it with something.
  • It does not have a washer/dryer hookup but there is room to add one.
  • Because I am taking delivery in a few weeks (I will share the process with you), I can move the cats into their new abode before hitting the road so they get used to it.
  • I’ll have to figure out a place to put Woody, the parrot. He’s 39 years old and loves traveling in the RV.

I am excited about this even though I had to bite the bullet and take out a sizeable loan. I will now have to maintain two motorized vehicles, but I have accepted this responsibility given the factors mentioned above.

You all were instrumental in helping me make this decision and I hope you will stay tuned to see how it all works out. I promise pictures. Please let me know if you have any more tips about traveling in a 39-foot Class A. You are now my support team!

Thank you!



  1. Dear Dr. Carnohan,

    THANK YOU for deciding against a travel trailer. I can just hear your kitties saying “thank you mama” from here! Good luck with your move (and give those 12 kitties a hug from another cat lady)!

    • Thank you! I will. They are very suspicious because of all the packing going on but having a blast in all the boxes and paper.

  2. Thank you for buying a motorhome instead of putting your cats in the trailer. I’ve seen enough trailer wrecks…including friends’…to know that there’s a solid reason why it’s illegal to have pets in a trailer in most states. Congratulations on your purchase!

  3. I refer to our Class A diesel pusher as “the world’s most expensive cat-carrier.” We first had a fifth-wheel but one of our three cats absolutely hated being in the truck with us and made the drive unbearable. I just couldn’t bring myself to have them travel in the fifth-wheel where I couldn’t see what was going on so we made the switch to the Class A, which we had previously said we would never buy! It’s a much better set-up for traveling and we like it so much better than we thought we would. We don’t have a garage model but that sure sounds great!

    • Ha! I call it an ark. I know my cats would not like riding in the truck. I am relieved that I found a used model that I could afford. Thank you for the support.

  4. Gas mileage on that is going to be a huge factor, make sure you budget for it, or you won’t be traveling as far as you would like. Good luck!


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