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Aero Teardrops Sellwood: NOT your grandma’s canned ham trailer

Aero Teardrops Sellwood travel trailer might look like your grandparents’ (or great grandparents’) vintage canned ham trailer, but it is, in fact, brand-new and custom-built to customer specifications while keeping with their goals of making the camping experience simple and memorable. That sounds like a winning combo to me.

In the video below, the team from Playing with Sticks on YouTube (230K subscribers, 36M views) gives us a tour.

I like the stealth unbranded exterior of this rig as I always believe the less attention on oneself while on the road, the better.

Outdoor functionality

The fold-up exterior table adds so much outdoor functionality. More manufacturers should include this simple, low-tech, but highly useful, accessory to their rigs. It could also be a good DIY mod for handy RVers to consider.

Outside you’ll find a decent-sized pass-through baggage compartment for a small trailer. You can also conveniently access this from in the trailer as well as out.

Now, your grandparents’ canned ham probably did not have many features that this one does, including:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Receiver hitch for a bicycle or other accessories
  • Outdoor shower
  • Truma on-demand water heater
  • Wired for Zamp solar
  • 1/4-inch marine-rated glass in all the windows
  • Air Head composting toilet
  • Power roof vent
  • Dometic refrigerator
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • DVD player
  • Talona Rustics shades
  • Dometic HVAC furnace system
  • Dometic Penguin II air conditioner (optional; a Maxx fan deluxe comes standard)
  • Soft-close drawers and cabinets

But when they included modern amenities, Aero Teardrops didn’t forget to leave in some of your grandparents’ canned ham trailer’s better qualities, including:

  • A large front picture window
  • Windows throughout that retain that vintage mitered look, despite the fact they’re brand-new
  • An all-wood interior
  • A tiny but functional wet bath
  • Leaf spring suspension

Simple is better

This is a simple trailer. And when it comes to new RVs and the horror stories people are having with things breaking down in them, the argument that simple is better definitely holds water.

I love how the floor plan makes great practical use of the small space. For instance, above the dinette are cabinets, but fold them down and they can create an extra sleeping bunk. It all depends on how you choose to use it. Of course, the dinette also makes into a bed. So does the sofa on the trailer’s opposite end. If you need to sleep more people, you can get an optional extra sleeping hammock above the bed.

If you opt for the model with the bathroom, you will lose a little on the kitchen. But the kitchen in this model is still practical and functional, barely, with a 2-burner stove, microwave, and small sink.

More nice features of the Aero Teardrops Sellwood travel trailer

  • Manual awning that used to be optional is now standard
  • Dual propane tanks
  • 4 corner stabilizer jacks
  • Dometic furnace

What’s not to like?

That kitchen sink is tiny. It would be difficult to wash pots and pans in there. There is virtually no kitchen counter space, either. So be prepared to use the table for food prep.

Closet space, and especially hanging closet space, is sparse to nonexistent.

You can remedy these shortcomings by choosing the option without a bathroom, which will give you a lot more closet space and a FAR more functional kitchen. But who wants a travel trailer without a bathroom?

Also, as they point out in the video, the price is steep. You could buy a fully restored vintage trailer for less money. They also share other more budget-friendly alternatives. But they concede that if you have the funds, the quality and build of this trailer are top-notch!

Aero Teardrops Sellwood canned ham trailer specs

The point of these trailers is customization, so I am not going to share a lot of specs as it largely depends on your choices. Even down to whether or not you want a bathroom. But here are a few basics. NOTE: The water and tank specs are for the canned ham trailer with the bathroom option. Specs are completely different in models without the bathroom.

  • Length: 17 feet
  • Dry weight: 2800 pounds
  • Fresh water: 40 gallons
  • Gray water: 40 gallons
  • 30-amp power
  • Sellwood canned ham travel trailer starts at: $39,999
  • Sellwood canned ham trailer plus bathroom starts at: $42,999

Learn more about Aero Teardrops Sellwood canned ham trailer here. 


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.


  1. For me, a fail on so many levels. First off, it DOES look like my grandmother’s trailer. It’s a single axle and they just bounce so much more than a dual axle trailer (and they bounce enough!). Don’t like the power cord that you have to store someplace, but I guess almost all mfg’s are going to that. If the awning is out the door bangs into it and you have to bungee the door to it to prevent damage. Don’t like the crawl-over bed and that ‘hammock’ is a joke. How do you get into it? Or OUT of it? And, did I miss the description of where the batteries go? Other than this, it’s a great overpriced canned ham trailer . . . . 🙂


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