RV electricity seminars set for June 8 in Maryland


National RV electricity expert Mike Sokol will conduct two seminars June 8, 2019, at the Funkstown, Maryland Fire Hall (Engine 10), located at 2 S Westside Ave, Funkstown, MD 21734. The event just outside Hagertown is presented by RVtravel.com.

There is ample parking, even for RVs, and the hall is handicap accessible.

Driving distances from major cities: Philadelphia (3 hours), Baltimore (90 minutes), Washington, D.C. (90 minutes), Hagerstown (15 minutes), Harrisburg (90 minutes), Pittsburgh (3 hours).

Classes are limited to 60 students in the basic seminar and 50 in the advanced seminar. Here are details of each seminar.

Basic RV Electricity Seminar
60 minutes plus 15-minute Q&A ($25 for non-members, $15 for RV Travel Members)
Basic RV electricity testing and safety | 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

• Testing a campground pedestal and how to plug into shore power.
• How much power is available from 20-, 30- and 50-amp outlets.
• Using dog-bone adapters and extension cords for shore power.
• Testing for hot-skin/stray-voltage and what to do if you find one.
• Surge protector basics and why you need one.

Mike in action

Students who take the basic seminar will be qualified to take the advanced seminar.

Advanced RV electricity troubleshooting 
3 hours plus 30-minute Q&A ($125 for non-members, $100 for RVtravel.com members)
1:00 p.m. to 4:30pm

The Social Hall

• Basics of voltage, amperage, resistance and wattage.
• Using a digital meter to measure volts, amps and ohms.
• Theory of 120/240-volt power in campground pedestals.
• 12-volt DC system operation and troubleshooting.
• Surge protector types and operating principles.
• Voltage drop considerations for long cable runs.
• Diagnosing and repairing hot-skin/stray-voltage.
• Causes of melted shore power plugs.
• Maintaining a healthy RV electrical system.
• How to install an RV electrical pedestal at your home.
• Portable generator selection, hookup, grounding and bonding.
• Transfer switch operation and diagnostics.


See a list of all of Mike’s upcoming seminars.

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John Koenig

Mike, I’m wondering if the seminars for Funkstown, MD are a “Go”. I want to make sure that I don’t schedule anything else around June 8th, 2019 if it IS a go. I have entered my information but, have yet to hear back. Thank you.

Rick Vollstedt

I attended your RVillage seminar last week. I’ve a sprinter mh, using a surge gaurd model 34830. I hooked up to a pedestal in st Augustine. And got error message “open ground” Informed office and they sent maintenance. He tested and all checked ok. Looked at my surge guard and their was burnt spots on neutral. Cleaned it. Still read open ground. He then replaced the receptacle with new and retested, all good. Repluged in surge guard and still read open ground. He said because my surge guard looked burnt that it maybe faulty. I purchased new surge guard model 34930 and plugged it in. Getting error of open ground and rv off fault. Any ideas?

Dave Telenko

Hi Mike, I’m with you that you should be getting paid for the shows & your knowledge. Too bad most of the shows wont even give you the basic room & board money! I’m betting that your ‘Live Webcast ” is going to be huge. Any chance we can donate to make it worthwhile for you? Maybe even charge a fee for the webcast? Seems to me that a few bucks spent to save your life is well worth the cost! Like you’ve said no one seems to be teaching anything about the electricity in our RV’s, either AC or DC. Ya you just pay your money for your RV & off you go with NO instructions on how to use your equipment, very sad!

Carl Jones

Could not get the link to the other seminar locations to open. When will you be doing seminars in the NW