A peek into the future: sex in the self-driving RV?


The day of self-driving cars is upon us. Can it be long before RVs are commonly being towed or driven with nobody at the wheel? Self-driving big rig trucks are already delivering goods between Tucson and Phoenix (a human is at the wheel, just in case, but he’s not driving).

Proponents of self-driving vehicles say they will free us up to do many things while we’re headed to work or for a visit with Aunt Marge. We can watch movies, read a book, play video games — do just about anything we can do while sitting in an easy chair at home.

BMW recently posted a video ad on Twitter, then promptly deleted it, that suggested that in the future owners of its Vision iNext autos could do a little more than exchange a kiss while rolling down the road.

BMW self driving car
Self-driving car as envisioned by BMW

According to cnet.com: “The quick video shows a scene of a couple kissing and getting more intimate before taking things on the road. Suddenly, we’re transported to a scene of the Vision iNext concept, presumably carrying the couple inside. The ad doesn’t ever explicitly show the two inside the vehicle, but as a police vehicle motors by, the red and blue lights appear to light the steamy scene. Just like that, the video is over.”

So, maybe RVing couples could be enjoying a little more than a conversation as they speed down interstate toward their next campsite. It sounds silly, but then who ever thought 30 years ago that billions of people would soon be carrying telephones in their back pockets?

What do you think? Is this just a big bunch of sensational PR or is the reality of doing anything we want inside our vehicles when they are moving a realistic expectation, considering the quick pace of evolving technology? Your comments are welcome.


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Tommy Molnar

I’m guessing in MY lifetime there will NEVER be a self-driving vehicle of any kind in my ‘fleet’. Just sayin’.


Heck I have already seen people doing this as they were driving down the highway….


i think its great. i get tired of having to stop all the time.

Billy Bob Thorton

Gives ” driving” a new meaning!


Kind of RE-DEFINES the old idea: “Don’t come knocking if the RV is Rocking”!


Maybe 40 years ago, anytime any place. 🙂 Now it’s eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel.


Bring it on!


Thought that what cruise control was used for. Just keep your eyes on the road, your legs are free and you keep the cars speed constant. And all of that was long before cell phones.

Kevin Loving

Not for me Chuck. Each to his own. I have a TRUST issue with “self driving” vehicles.