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Short-term RV rentals on private property spark debate in San Diego

“There’s a new twist to the heated debate on short-term vacation rentals in San Diego,” according to Channel 7 NBC San Diego. “Many people are now renting out their personal RVs while parked on their property.”

According to the city’s Municipal Code, however, it’s against the law. There are, however, dozens of RVs available to rent on the Airbnb website with rental prices ranging from $52 to $92 per night. Pictures on the Airbnb website show the RVs with complete amenities, though personal space around the RV in a driveway or backyard is tight.

According to the San Diego Municipal Code, “No person shall use or occupy any mobile home, commercial coach or recreational vehicle on private property not licensed as a mobile home park or special occupancy park.”

But so far, nobody has been cited. And it could be because nobody is complaining about it. In some cases, the RVs are parked behind fences and neighbors are not aware they’re being rented out. Other neighbors say it’s not a big concern.

Several of the RV renters – who did not want to be identified – say renting out the RV is no different from renting out a home, or a room.

So, if you own an RV and want to pick up a little extra cash to fund your trips when you’re not using it – and you have enough space to park your RV on your property – go for it. Unless it’s illegal where you live too.


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4 years ago

Seems like a good idea for extra cash, what’s the harm.

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