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Silence your RV’s noisy air conditioner with this nifty gadget


Necessity is the mother of invention, and many of us who have an RV air conditioner find ourselves thinking about ways to make them quieter. We can’t discuss this with our fellow occupants of our RVs because it’s nearly impossible to shout over some of these units, they’re so loud. 

Okay, maybe that’s just in my RV… 

At the most recent FMCA convention, I ran into Darryl Abts, the inventor of an RV Air Conditioner Silencer. The company, WackO Products, claims it is a very easy installation and provides quieter operation as well as better filtration. But not for the air conditioner in my RV. Bummer. And more on that later. 

I had actually already come across the RV AC Silencer before, as James and Steph from The Fit RV did a review of it. I was interested in the product from the start. 

How it works

Most ducted RV AC units work the same way. They draw air in through a cheap foam filter and then blow it out through the ductwork in the ceiling of your RV. In many cases, if you can see the bottom of the AC unit itself then you can hear the thing too. 

The filters are so cheap that they almost don’t do anything. Many people don’t even bother cleaning them. I’ve taken enough RVs in on trade to say the majority of owners never clean them. But maybe that’s just the majority of owners who traded with me. Who knows. 

The way this unit works is to have the intake for the AC on the opposite side of the AC unit from where it typically is. This forces the air through an “L” channel and past some insulation and sound deadening material. There is really nothing complicated about this, including the installation process. 

What you do is take off the plastic cover on the bottom of your AC unit, which is held in with a few screws. Then you replace it with the WackO RV AC Silencer. 

That Silencer not only has some sound-deadening material but also has a vastly superior filter to the one the AC likely has now. That means there’s more than one benefit to facilitating this change. In the videos I watched, the entire replacement process was done with a screwdriver. The people I watched do the upgrade were very happy with the results. 

The price for the kit is $189 and comes with everything you’ll need to perform the installation. 


Why is the company called WackO? The owner had the idea for the product and was sharing it around the campfire one night. He was encouraged by his friends to make it. He indicated that people would be crazy to buy a product from him!

Considering that he solves a problem and makes his product here in the U.S., I don’t think he’s so WackO after all. 

Why not my AC?

As mentioned above, this only works on ducted AC units. Unfortunately, mine has the controls right on the unit itself, which means they can’t make it work. That’s unfortunate because, when I’m running the AC in my trailer, even freight trains pass by and say, “Daaaaaang, that’s LOUD!” To which I reply, “What?”

You can find the AC Silencers and Darryl’s other products on the WackO website.


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steve s
6 months ago

we installed one in our c last year. using a decibel meter found it did in fact reduce the noise level by 10-12 decibels,

David Hoffman
1 year ago

I bought one of these at the 2018 FROG Rally. While not exactly a silencer, it does make conversation much easier. And our RV has a solid wood door between the bedroom and the kitchen where the AC unit is, so sleeping is very much improved. Never had any problems with air flow, bought second set of filters and change often. I’d recommend investing in one. And yes American products are pricier, maybe because we pay our workers more than 10 Yuan a day.

Bob M
1 year ago

The WackO is to expensive.They want you to buy American made, but American companies want to much money for their products.

Al Kemp
6 months ago
Reply to  Bob M

I don’t think so! Do you expect them to sell it at cost? The Chinese don’t invent things they copy or knock-off popular products that can sell in the millions and rip off inventors here. How many do you think Wacko can sell maybe 1,000 to 10,000 max? I applaud them and hope they can make a profit. All the power to them!

Jeff Arthur
1 year ago

Just be aware that your slides may not clear the new added depth. We have to remove cover when running slides in. It does reduce noise

Steve Ward
1 year ago

I installed this product over 2 years ago and I will say that it does quiet down the air conditioner noticeably. I will say that I would not buy it again, however, Because of the design, it restricts the air flow to the point that I now have problems with the condenser freezing up.

Lynn C
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Ward

How does it restrict the air flow if the air is coming out the other ceiling vents. Or does this deal with the return air having to bent around to go through the filter? I am fairly new at this but curious.

11 months ago
Reply to  Steve Ward

Steve make sure the center baffle is 100% sealed and the freeze sensor is installed in the coil.

Michael Butts
1 year ago

One of my favorite modifications to my motorhome (RV #4)! Makes a huge improvement in changing the A/C from really noisy to just background white noise. I popped mine on in about 45 minutes.

Gary Machholz
1 year ago

Tony, like you, that would not work on the rooftop AC in my small trailer so I replaced the AC with a vent fan and installed a mini split. Best improvement EVER. Nearly silent, very efficient and it is also a heat pump which is handy here in the Rockies about half the time I camp. Plus, it will run on one 2kw genset with no alterations while still running the frig and just about anything but the microwave.

Nicholas Velvet
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Machholz

Gary………. Some info on what you installed? Make, model, as to the mini split, fan etc. I have a 2016 Freedom Elite 23H I am VERY happy with my rig but the AC…….Just can’t take the noise and I boodock alot so I just suffer thru as too muck power draw.

Any reply info much appreciated.

1 year ago

i added a wacko back in the first couple of months of the year 2021, and the Dometic quieted down to 56 dbl. the only problem I have now is the a/c quit in May (ac was a 2011 unit) so I replaced it with a Houghton hp unit, which is very quiet at 47 dbl. So now I have a wacko I can’t use. Any one interested in it?

1 year ago

Excellent product! I installed mine yesterday. Immediate 5dB drop.

1 year ago

I installed the Wacko covers 3 years ago on both our AC’s. WOW! We can now hear the TV/Radio without the neighbors hearing it also! A conversation is no longer a shouting match.
While a bit on the pricey side, it is worth the cost!