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Simplify backing into your RV space

By Steve Savage 
Mobility RV Service
If you tow, I suspect you — like most of us — have suffered through the stress that comes along with backing into your space in the campground with everyone watching. The yelling matches between spouses can reach divorce-pending proportions, and discussions about the best way to communicate between the person driving and the person directing have been going on for decades.
My wife and I are no different than many of you and although we’ve been RVing now since the early ’80s, I rate myself about average when it comes to backing into a space at the campground. Sometimes I do “really well,” other times I do “oh well”.
My wife and I have finally discovered something that really works well for us and thought it might be worth passing on. To do this, you will both need cell phones and also have either a radio in your tow vehicle that can receive phone calls via Bluetooth or a something like a Jabra that clips to the visor and does the same thing. For us it goes like this:
After we stop at the office and register, my wife calls my cell phone with hers and my radio answers her phone. Once that happens, we are linked and can talk hands-free when I back into the spot. Once we get to the spot, I get out of the truck one time to look over what I am trying to do. Then I get back into the truck and from then on, she is in control via her phone. She is the “quarterback,” so to speak.
Doing it this way it is very easy for her to move from side-to-side behind our fifth wheel and give me instructions. It also eliminates the driver getting in and out of the truck and makes it tons easier to get into a space after dark.
If you are already using walkie-talkies, think how much simpler it would be to talk hands-free while backing rather than having to “key” your mike, and how much easier it is use your mirrors for backing rather than trying to locate your assistant and interpret hand signals. Now, nothing I am suggesting here means you can’t use your mirrors just as you always did. It just makes it easier to communicate with the person helping you back in your spot when you can talk in “real time” instead of stopping to scream at each other.

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6 years ago

Gee there are those of us who travel alone and back into spaces all alone..

6 years ago

Celebrating nearly fifty years of marriage, and wanting to keep it that way, I have my wife go walk the dog while I back in. I may have to jump in and out several times, but it works for us!

Jim Clark
6 years ago

Read your article on extended warranties. I suspect those in your industry, that is the very ones that repair all these units, have opinions on which of each type RV is best. Forums and chat rooms are great but I’ve found them often to be so opinionated as to be worthless. Is there an association of RV Technicians that you belong to? One where I might get answers on fifth wheel questions that are based on their professional experience? Notice I’ve not asked you directly your thoughts as I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to put in print your favorites, but frankly I’d much rather get your thoughts than those of owners who may look and care more about the layout of a u not than the mechanics. In closing, thanks for your thoughts. I enjoy your articles.

6 years ago

I put a back up camera on the back of my TT. It also has a built in microphone. I can both see her and hear her as I am backing in. The camera is made by Rosco. I hard wired the camera for better reception. I just have one more thing to disconnect when unhooking. I also use it while on the road. It helps in passing and you can see the fuel economy guy in the not so smart car drafting you.

6 years ago
Reply to  Pete

Before I put a camera on my 27 ft 5th wheel, I used to be able to feel drivers drafting on my 38 ft 5th wheel. When I let off the gas and started to slow, they would pull out and pass. My poor old 3/4 ton GMC was working hard enough towing the camper without having to add another vehicle to it. Funny, it was usually an economy car following me! Really??

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