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Solutions to homeless RV dwellers require tough decisions

In an effort to not just displace homeless RV dwellers from San Francisco streets, two city supervisors, Ahsha Safai and Vallie Brown, are looking for ways to find a more permanent solution to help bring them out of homelessness, and to alleviate the concerns of nearby neighbors, who complain the campers are dumping trash and lighting dangerous cooking fires in sleepy residential neighborhoods, reports The San Francisco Examiner.

The supervisors are trying to bring services to homeless people living in RVs into affordable housing. This solution potentially includes finding space in the city to temporarily park their RVs while people seek medical and housing services. “We can’t keep pushing them around the city,” Safai said.

The answer to this issue isn’t immediately apparent, he said, but he told the San Francisco Examiner he’s preliminarily looking at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency parking lots as possible places to park RVs and offer services.

“They own a lot of land,” he said, and its only right their land is used, he added, as he blamed the agency for failing in their responsibility to find parking for RV dwellers for years.

It’s been seven years since city officials began to decry a rash of RVs parking in the Sunset District, and six years since the city began to oust them.

The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Encampment Resolution Team Coordinator Jason Albertson struck an optimistic but cautious tone about the effort.

“I think technically almost anything is feasible, including travel to the moon, if you throw money at it,” he said. “It probably costs more than you think. If you bring vehicularly housed folks into a contained environment, you have to think about what programs you offer.”

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John Rakoci
4 years ago

They spend a ton of cash in SF for people to clean addicts needles and human poop from the homeless on sidewalks so why not build them a resort? It is legal to poop on the street but not to have a plastic soda straw.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

“if you throw money at it”. Always the ‘solution’ suggested by politicians. I don’t offer any solution either, but money is rarely the REAL issue.

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