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SpaceX announces Starlink RV discount for December

SpaceX announced a special limited-time discount for new Starlink RV subscribers for the month of December. New U.S. customers will receive their first month free of the $135 monthly subscription cost. The initial hardware equipment cost of $599 remains the same.

In Canada, a similar Starlink RV discount offer reduces the initial hardware kit price from $759 CAD to $589. The monthly subscription service cost remains $170 CAD per month.

Starlink RV enables the subscriber to pause the service while not RVing and then un-pause it when embarking upon a trip.

It is worth noting that “portable” Starlink RV service does not provide (and in fact explicitly prohibits) broadband connectivity while underway on the road. The Starlink RV service is also a “second-class” service, in that residential Starlink customers are prioritized—though that is not usually a problem for most RVers using the service in remote areas.


Starlink announces data cap, stirs controversy



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1 month ago

The home-based, stationary Spacelink receiver is $599. The “portable” system is also $599 but can only be used in a stationary position after you’re setup and settled. The mobile rv/ use-on-the-go version is $2500. False information once again. This info is easily found in their site and the way this article is written is misleading regarding costs for setup and usability. No, you can’t just “unpause” your $599 receiver and go. Ya got that very backwards. Did you even read their website? It’s in the 2nd sentence!

Last edited 1 month ago by Cynical
Lawrence Talbot
1 month ago
Reply to  Cynical

Hello Cynical – did you actually read the article (particularly the last paragraph)? Do you have a Starlink setup? We do, and have the RV plan. I can tell you that yes, you move it from place to place and set up when you arrive, just as the article says (which makes it portable, not “on-the-go”). The article also confirms that the RV plan specifically does not allow usage in motion – it never pretends that it does. And yes, you can pause and unpause the service (just as the article says). Sorry, but the article is in no way misleading and very accurately describes the RV Starlink usage, plan and limitations. It does not pretend to discuss the actual “mobile” unit and plan, so your “False information once again” comment is wrong and unfair. The article is correct and accurate. And, as an aside, the RV Starlink does work in motion, at least at slow (think cruising vessel) speeds, though it is not licensed for that.

Ron E.
1 month ago

Snake oil has found its match.

Lawrence Talbot
1 month ago
Reply to  Ron E.

Ron E. I’m curious – just exactly what do you mean by your comment? If you are implying that Starlink is just some sort of snake oil (basically meaning that it is “a product, policy, etc. of little real worth or value that is promoted as the solution to a problem”), then I would assume you do not have one and haven’t tried it? From the experiences of many of us that do have one, I can assure you it is anything but “snake oil”. If you do have one then I would love to know why you would say it is “snake oil”?

Pauline Warren
1 month ago

Starlink still took my full price on Dec 3rd. So what’s up with that???

Michelle Burchfield
1 month ago

This is not a discount. I added starlink RV to my home account back in September. $135/month is the regular price. When it works it is fantastic but customer service is straight up non-existent so Im not sure how we will ever handle having a problem.

1 month ago

Hey there, if you search any topic and upon reading the topic if the same doesn’t addresses your problem and a solution, if you click the thumb down it allows you to create a ticket and I have done this twice and got great resolution service within very reasonable amount of times. Hope this helps you.

1 month ago

Before any RV owner jumps on the Starlink band wagon…think twice. RV service has the lowest priority of service. Most RV service owners are having real issues with their service. (Go to the Facebook Starlink Users Group). Starlink was developed provide internet in areas where NOTHING exist….IMO the system is still a BETA system and requires another 10,000 satellites to be launched to provide satisfactory US coverage. Bottom line if you have deep pockets and want the novelty of a SL terminal go for it but I’m not throwing away my Verizon and T Mobile MIFI yet!!

Country Resident
1 month ago
Reply to  Engineer

Novelty?? All I could get was cellular internet which was garbage. Now I get over 100mbps consistently! I can game, stream, and share with my family without it just crawling like before. Speak for yourself.

1 month ago

I’m a big space x fan. I’m thrilled that starlink is available to RVers however, I feel his monthly price is just about twice what it should be even with a monthly discount. I like the idea of having internet available wherever I may be but it’s not a necessity. At $135. A month it’s a luxury I just can’t justify.

Lawrence Talbot
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob

I am curious to know what data you have access to that enables you to determine that the monthly price for Starlink is about twice “what it should be”? I think what you really mean is that the value to you of the services provided by Starlink is only about USD 65/month, which is a fair observation. That is the assessment we all make when determining whether or not to enter into a purchase transaction like that. As an example, for us, we use Starlink RV in our truck camper over the summer (where it is basically an extra cost, but allows us to have Internet wherever we are) and on our boat in Mexico over the winter. On the boat, Starlink RV at CAD 190/month replaces both our sat phone (USD 250/month) and our sat TV (USD 110/month) so, overall, it’s extremely good value for us and we think the Starlink cost is reasonable. There is no question that Starlink is a game changer.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bob

yet you happily pay $175 per month for 250 channels…

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