Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Squirrel bridge saves them from slaughter




Back in the early 1960s, squirrel roadkill was epidemic on Olympic Drive in Longview, Washington. Local contractor Amos J. Peters had a ringside view of the carnage from his office window. The pain of watching this needless slaughter was too much for him. So he put on his thinking cap. And then it came to him: he’d build a bridge just for squirrels!

And the rest is history. In 1963, “Nutty Narrows Bridge” was erected, right over the busy street and grounds of the local library. Now, more than a half century later, it still stands — a busy arterial for squirrels on the move and perhaps Longview’s best known claim to fame.

Peters died in 1984, but he is not forgotten. A tall wooden statue of a gray squirrel pays tribute to him facing the bridge in the library park.

Longview is right along I-5 in southern Washington. The squirrel bridge is right downtown. Ask a local resident for directions. They’ll point you there.




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