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Our staff recommends this portable induction cooktop for cool-RV cookin’

One of our writers, Greg Illes, a “retired systems engineer who loves thinking up RV upgrades and modifications,” sent this to us. Greg didn’t know that our own Tony Barthel had recently done a review on the Duxtop portable induction cooktop.

Since we have two RV experts on our team who love this, we thought we’d share what Greg wrote with you.

Oh, and before or after reading this, make sure you check out Tony’s review of it, too, if you haven’t already.

Greg writes…

After we got our solar and lithium working well, we realized that many more appliances were within our “operating range.” Our 2000W inverter can run our microwave and even our small A/C unit. Hmmm, what other toys can we experiment with?

Success! A portable induction cooktop

One success has been a Duxtop inductive cooktop/hot plate. These cook electrically, not like a traditional hot plate (heating coils), but by using magnetic energy to heat an iron cook pan. Especially for warm-weather cooking, it beats a propane stove hands-down—for NOT making the cabin heat up. We did need to get an appropriate pan for it (steel-bottomed aluminum), and with that, the whole setup simply works, and works well.

At 100-amps+ draw, it’s not “electrically cheap.” But we use it for short cooking tasks, only 5-10 minutes or so (10-15 amp-hours), and our 400AH lithium batteries discharge only a few percent.

The unit is only about the size of a 2.5″-thick laptop, so we place it on top of our regular stove to use it, and then tuck it away when it’s not needed. That way, we can use the existing stove hood to vent the cooking steam/smells.

Where can I get one and how much does it cost?

We got ours off Amazon and it’s still available, but these products tend to come and go. There are many models available; ours was well under $100. The 1800W power level is more than enough for our needs; we probably could even make do with 1200W or so.

Again, I can’t recommend it for extended cooking tasks—that would be asking for heat problems in batteries and inverter. But for our short jobs, it is excellent. And, of course, our summer RV coach stays cool… well, at least as cool as it was before we cooked.

Check it out on Amazon here. Happy cooking!

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Mary Levandoski
8 months ago

I have used this model (4 yrs) in my park model home and then take in my RV when traveling. Perfect size for tiny home living. Not all cookware works with these. In the past I have taken a small magnet shopping to verify the cookware works, sometimes its not listed on the pan.

Pierre Woody
8 months ago

That Duxtop looks a lot like our Cusimax!

8 months ago

‘Been using a Duxtop induction cooktop for camping for a couple of years. Use it when we can access shore power. Love it so much got another one to use instead of the electric glass top range in our apartment. We use that plus the one from the camper, so we don’t have to use the slow, hard to control electric glass top. These tops react quickly (almost instantly) to changes you make in temperature so they give much more control over the electric glass top range. Love them!

8 months ago

Solar would be hard pressed to keep up with the regular use of any sort of electric cooktop, microwave or AC. If you’re going to do prolonged summer boondocking in the lower 48, you must choose between generator and solar. The former liberates you to use all electric appliances. The latter makes it virtually impossible to stay cool. Until technology improves radically, I vote for the latter.

8 months ago

For a year or so, we’ve had a Duxtop Induction Burner like the one pictured. It’s worked well for us. I like how quickly it heats up and the temperature control is precise. We have only a modest battery setup, so we never try to run it off our inverter, only the Onan or shore power. On a recent camping trip, we managed to trip the campsite’s pedestal breaker, which I think is more of an indication of tired electrical equipment at the campground than anything else. In the van, cooking smoke and grease is more a problem than heating up the space. All our cooking is done outside.

Mary Anne
8 months ago

We’ve been using a Nuwave for years on the RV and boat and love it. Invest in the right cookware, you won’t be disappointed. I love the multiple watt settings too.

Kate R
8 months ago

The Nuwave Picflex is our pick. We’ve been using it for almost a year. The three power settings (600, 900, and 1300 watts) plus five heat settings allow us to cook with fine control for long periods without draining our batteries. Plus it was cheap at $59 on Amazon.

Bob M
8 months ago

The problem with Duxtop inductive cooktop/hot plate is you can only use magnetic cookware. Most people like me I would assume have aluminum cookware coated to make cleaning easy. I prefer the older electric stoves. We have a new electric stove and I hate it. I prefer cooking with gas. Should have never listened to my wife.

Steve Comstock
8 months ago

I have been using the Nuwave induction cooktop for about 10 years now. It appears they all work pretty much the same, but it enables me to use my big cast iron pan. It’s also handy to be used outside the RV to cook fish!

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