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The latest Starlink RV news

July has been a stellar month in the development of Starlink for RVers and other mobile users. More Starlink satellites were launched in July than in any prior month in the development of Starlink. That means more Starlink availability, greater area coverage, and better data transfer speeds for many Starlink RV subscribers throughout North America.

SpaceX has launched three groups of Starlink satellites thus far in July, and plans a fourth launch today, Sunday, July 24. The company has launched more than one hundred satellites in July, beating its previous record. It has also exceeded its record in the number of successful Falcon 9 rocket launch-and-recovery sorties, having now conducted more launches (32) by July of this year than in all of 2021.

SpaceX has one more launch planned for this month, bringing the total on its agenda up to four trips for the month. The Starlink satellite constellation has now reached more than 2,800, including up to sixty that will be delivered to low-earth orbit with the July 24 launch.

Coming in the weeks ahead, SpaceX will conduct the initial launch of the fully-reusable Starship prototype rocket. The company is currently working to recover from an explosion during engine tests. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sought to portray the damage to Starship as minor. “Damage appears to be minor, but we need to inspect all the engines,” Musk wrote on Twitter. “Best to do this in the high bay.”

More recent Starlink RV news:


Randall Brink
Randall Brink
Randall Brink is an author hailing from Idaho. He has written many fiction and non-fiction books, including the critically acclaimed Lost Star: The Search for Amelia Earhart. He is the screenwriter for the new Grizzly Adams television series and the feature film Goldfield. Randall Brink has a diverse background not only as a book author, Hollywood screenwriter and script doctor, but also as an airline captain, chief executive, and Alaska bush pilot.


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Megan Edwards
1 year ago

Hopefully the price will come down in the future.

Evermont King
1 year ago
Reply to  Randall Brink

Why should they lower the price? They are in a debt chasm. This must be profitable. Let them have some actually profit before you ask for that.

Bob Palin
1 year ago
Reply to  Megan Edwards

It’s more likely that the price will go up, the equipment is currently supplied at a loss and the cost of keeping all those satellites replaced as they start to fail is going to be considerable. The current price is very reasonable considering the technology and volume of satellites involved.

1 year ago

We have had our dishy for a couple months now, used at home and then took it on our current 3.5 week RV trip to WI and MI. It has worked great so far. I work from the RV so internet is important.

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