Sunday, January 29, 2023


Starlink to be standard equipment on Airstream and other Thor RVs

Thor Industries has announced that it has worked out a deal with SpaceX to add Starlink RV hardware as standard equipment on its high-end Airstream travel trailers, as well as on the Integra Coach, Jayco and Tiffin RVs. The company claims that its products are “the first RV OEMs to work with SpaceX to make Starlink-enabled RVs.”

The Starlink integration is aimed at providing more reliable broadband Wi-Fi service for RVers working from the road. Traditionally, road warriors working from an RV were forced to use unreliable satellite and cellular internet services. The normal cost for the hardware required to receive Starlink broadband service is $599 for portable hardware ($2,500 for in-motion hardware), with a $135 monthly service subscription fee.

Airstream in the wild where Starlink will provide broadband Wi-Fi service.

“This agreement is a big step toward providing constant internet connection for RVers everywhere,” said THOR Industries President and CEO Bob Martin. “Whether for work, staying in touch with family and friends, or streaming entertainment, a reliable internet connection is a must-have for today’s RVer. Starlink will help THOR elevate our RV owners’ experiences and create yet another important point of differentiation for the THOR family of companies.”


FCC authorizes more Starlink satellites



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Jeff Craig
6 days ago

Starlink is to todays RV markets what DIsh/DirectTV was in the early 2000’s. And, in about twenty years, they will be everywhere in RV parks as other mobile technology and line-of-sight microwave technology that offers higher speeds (say 25Gbps throughput) seeks to replace them. A 100G fiber at the Rangers station or another fixed point in the park will be a big selling point, as more parks are gobbled up by REIT’s and other investors.

6 days ago

I’ve been thinking about trying it out but agree with everyone that thinks after market is the way to go. A pre-wire as an option may be a good idea but the dealers and builders need to sell it as a pre-wired option. It is most likely the way of the future whether it is Starlink or a future competitor so I’m all for pre-wire. I don’t see the tech ever getting over loaded like cell towers but that’s pure opinion with no data to back it up so please put an asterisk on that comment before flaming me.

6 days ago

Starlink is wonderful. My fear is that it is so wonderful the system will become overloaded and slow, like what happens to Verizon at Quartzsite.

Bob M
6 days ago

I have no interest in Starlink and don’t want to pay extra for it. Be aware that on some models they may charge a few dollars for Starlink which could include a couple years service like GM is doing for their On Star on Cadillac Esclades.

Seann Fox
6 days ago

If this is anything like their “solar ready RV’s” then the announcement means that they added a few feet of wire for easy connections.

Bill T
7 days ago

So now you are forced to pay for star link tech AND subscribe to it. No Thanks. My current after market CHOICE works for me. The folks who need or want star link let them pay for it. I don’t think folks should have to pay for accessories they don’t want.

Tommy Molnar
7 days ago
Reply to  Bill T

I think the ‘dish’ and some wiring will be what you get with the RVs. If you want to use it you will then have to purchase the actual receiver and set up the account separately. Just my guess . . .

6 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I agree with Tommy, usually the case, similar to OnStar on cars. Up to the user (RV’er) if they wish to use it.

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