Saturday, September 30, 2023


Stray Voltage Patrol – Sign-up

Here’s the official Stray Voltage Patrol sign-up form. We’ll put the info in a contact list and send you all an email in a few weeks to gather a little more information about things like where you are in the country, do you use 30- or 50-amp service, and how far and often you travel. That way we can work to provide even SVP coverage across the country. You will be assigned an SVP number and your identity will only be known to our innermost circle here at RV Travel. Plus we will NEVER give out any of your contact information to anyone else.

stray voltage patrolEVERYONE: If you tried to sign up for the Stray Voltage Patrol on Sunday but were unsuccessful, that was due to a coding problem that we’ve since resolved. If you emailed me your contact info directly, it “probably” was updated manually, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to use the form below just in case I had a mental hiccup and forgot. Won’t hurt a thing and we’ll remove any duplicates. I’ll be sending out a welcome email later this week (probably on Tuesday) so if you don’t get it, then please resubscribe.

Chuck and I are really excited to launch the Stray Voltage Patrol, and we’re working hard to get the database structure in place. Please pardon the dirt as we’re still under construction. The good news is that we’re up to 83 signed-on SVP members as of noon on Monday, so that’s a fantastic start.


Email me at mike (at) with your questions.

[activecampaign form=23]


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Chuck Dunn
5 years ago

I have checked 11 posts so far with no problem. However in the past I had a problem I found with my Surge guard. Told the front office and a maintenance man came over about an hour later. Told him the problem and he said “The only people who complain about that are the ones with that thing hooked on”. I got a different site and it tested OK. I really don’t know if he fixed it or not.

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