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Stupid RV workmanship for Sept. 8, 2018

Here, from the Facebook group RV Horror Stories, are some examples sent by group members of crummy RV workmanship.

Click any of the photos to enlarge them.

  1. RIGHT: “This is a Grand Design cabinet. Wonder how long those staples are, because there is some water lines behind the 3/16” heavy duty wood, ah, RV quality and Grand Design touting themselves as the leader in quality RVs.” One commenter noted: “Because driving 18 staples is faster than two screws.”
  2. LEFT: A member of the group sent this photo of his 2019 Forest River Vengeance touring edition RV. He wondered why the emergency power disconnect did not work. Then he looked a little closer. Do think that a worker forget to connect the wires? Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!

  3. RIGHT: “Another member sent this photo: “An unknown manufacturer ran a screw through a hot water line. This is the “fix” done by a well known dealer in the Southeast. A larger screw with silicone and of course it didn’t hold up! It’s PEX line – a $14 Gatorbite union and two minutes would have permanently fixed it. This is typical of the poor work quality I’ve experienced at dealerships lately.”

LEFT: “I am the currently-not-so-proud owner of a 2015 Thor ACE 27.1. This model, I recently discovered, has an issue with the outside access door to the furnace. The ventilation louvers on the door were designed back then to be upside down and inside out. This caused the louvers to act as “scoops” funneling rain water directly into the furnace compartment.” (Editor’s note: We asked the owner if he had bothered to check this before buying the RV. He admitted he had not.)

* * *

What do readers think of the quality of the workmanship of their RVs? Here’s our recent poll:



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3 years ago

Had I voted based on my previous RV I would have voted “Terrible”. What I learned from owning that RV taught me what to look for in my current RV. My current RV was not without issues, but knowing what to look for, I was able to get things properly repaired BEFORE taking possession.

3 years ago

Chuck…….I agree that these deliberate actions on the part of manufacturer’s workers and dealers need to be called out, but I noticed that you mentioned the manufacturers by names but only mention the dealer as a “ a well known dealer from the Southeast”, they need to be named as well. Also, your survey seems to reflect the point made by your daughter in your recent argument on this topic where you admitted that the issues reflect only 20% of the RVs out there, 78% according to your survey are either good or excellent. The frustration, in my opinion, is in the fact that the problems noted are created “intentionally” by manufacturers who don’t have the best interest of their customer in mind and more importantly by dealers who don’t care either. …….Lets name the bad dealer though too.

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