Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Reality TV show illustrates stupidity of inexperienced RVers

By Normal Frump
This is horrifying. It’s an adventure in stupidity. It’s from an episode of a TV show titled “90 Day Fiancé,” which is a pretty big hit (heaven help us!). In this particular episode, which is about RVing, viewers gain incredible insight into the intelligence level of some humans, and may conclude, as I did, that an IQ no greater than that of a brain-damaged poodle is all that’s required to lead a family of Neanderthal descendants on a 400-mile RV adventure.

The gang, onboard, ready for adventure. “Is everybody wearing their seat belt?”

Nobody on this trip knows the first thing about RVing. The star, a guy named Andrei with a thick accent, claims he needs to be the driver of this accident-waiting-to-happen because he has a license to drive an RV (as does practically every other person in America over 16).

So 11 people cram into an overloaded RV (plus camera crew), each with a suitcase. With Andrei at the wheel they set off on a made-for-TV adventure that combines stupidity with incredible stupidity and proves that anyone with an iPhone can make a movie and find somewhere to air it.

Here’s the scene, which will likely make you decide you’d rather eat a diseased snapping turtle than watch the show. Here is how things start off:

“The whole family is on edge because they aren’t sure what to expect. But once the RV is moving, there is no going back. A nasty spill on the way to pick everyone up highlights how the trip will go. Andrei makes a sharp turn, and all the drinks in the refrigerator come flying out, and there are cans everywhere. He pulls over so they can clean up the mess. But it doesn’t end there.”

Can you stand the suspense?
The family finally reaches the destination, which is good in one way — good that they made it — because they are all safe. But maybe it’s not so good because they all live to pass their defective DNA on to another generation.

So here they are arriving:

“He (Andrei) honks the horn and starts to back up into the driveway. But he crashes the RV into a keep-off-the-grass sign that is on the lawn. He turns it sideways, and Jen Potthast calls him a moron for not seeing the sign. Andrei himself asks who puts a sign that close to the driveway anyways. But Becky is just hoping he doesn’t crash into Jen’s house.”

OMG! The drama! Are you experiencing chills up and down your spine because it is so spectacularly brilliant?

Okay, lucky you, because you can now watch a gripping three-minute clip of the show.

This is television for the 21st century. Oh, we’re in trouble, folks!


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KellyR (@guest_201247)
1 year ago

I go for the more serious stuff on TV. My wife allows me to watch the Three Stooges every Saturday night – IF i watch Jeopardy with her the other five nights.

Bob p (@guest_201203)
1 year ago

Question, where are they all going to sleep? I don’t know of a motor home with that much sleeping capacity.

Brian Burry (@guest_195032)
1 year ago

What could be more stupid, the RV trip or the show itself?!!!

Steve flippo (@guest_131715)
2 years ago

Nothing is more soothing on a family trip than the constant yammering of those who are doing nothing, but complain and demand explanations from the one guy who is actually trying to get something done.

Walker (@guest_131415)
2 years ago

it’s true! I read many online RV-oriented forums, and too many of the new owner posts closely resemble this level of insight, understanding and forethought.

Last edited 2 years ago by Walker
suzanne (@guest_131375)
2 years ago

I do watch the show. Became interested in it when a family member became engaged with someone from another country. I wish anyone considering a possible mate across the world would watch this. Very few of the couples remain together and the problems never stop with immigration, culture clash, leaving families, unplanned pregnancies, etc. Something they don’t consider when they are in love. And YEP! I cringed seeing that many sitting unbuckled. Just because its a huge motorhome doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be seated with a belt on until it comes to a stop! We have experienced a rollover in our smaller, well-built motorhome when someone struck us (on her cellphone). When we stopped rolling and were able to make a hasty exit we turned to look at our RV. All that was left was the front cab (Class C) with a flattened top and behind us was a “flatbed” with only the couch still attached. Everything else was strewn across the desert. No one sitting back there would of survived.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr (@guest_131364)
2 years ago

I’m sure I won’t waste my time watching this show.
Most reality shows are a joke anyway, play it up for the camera.

Carson Axtell (@guest_131356)
2 years ago

Welcome to the new face of RVing! These “social media influencers” make a good living convincing their mass audience of moronic followers to emulate their lifestyles and get into the “cool” new fad. Just can’t wait for their convoys of groupthink partiers to crowd into campgrounds and show the uncool world how to live the good life…

Bill (@guest_131352)
2 years ago

And to think some of them actually procreated…

Sharon Baron (@guest_131363)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill


Jeb (@guest_131350)
2 years ago

Surely, the acting is outstanding. Nobody can be that clueless. We really need to consider thinning the herd of tv creators and producers.

Uncle Swags (@guest_131334)
2 years ago

I miss the good old days when large predators roamed the earth and ate these people.

Bernice Alexander (@guest_131530)
2 years ago
Reply to  Uncle Swags

I like your comment, Camping,Rving is nothing like it was yrs ago. They spent 75k no less to start their camping ventures at RV parks that offer all the amenities they have at home& they think they are camping, no sweeties you are Glamping until you get bored then you will go back to flying to island resorts to be pampered once again.

Scott (@guest_195069)
1 year ago
Reply to  Uncle Swags

I love it…this is why I don’t waste my time watching this zero calorie filler for the cable channels. Your predator statement had me rolling. There are the solid citizens and then there is this bunch of social rejects who are willing to show the rest of the world how absolutely unprepared they are to contribute to society in any positive fashion…oh wait, this bunch can serve as an exhibit of a bad example.

Leanne (@guest_131298)
2 years ago

But, if this episode was required watching for all those intending to rent/buy an RV, the campgrounds could be much less crowded. Now, that’s a positive.

Richard (@guest_131284)
2 years ago

Side 1: Change the channel.
Side 2: It MUST be removed entirely for the good of humankind!!!
Sounds like Politics.
We at this address state repeatedly there are 250 channels, and nothing to watch. This deluge of mindless programming got it’s boost from Paris Hilton and Keeping up with Kardashians, the height of stupidity.

George (@guest_131272)
2 years ago

I can find reruns of Gunsmoke or shows about trucks and cars while that is on. Most modern TV production is crap.

Drew (@guest_131292)
2 years ago
Reply to  George

There’s Adam-12, Emergency, and others too. I’ve always watched westerns on the weekends…they have alot on then. A couple of nights ago I saw The New Centurions again after a long time. The Professionals is an old favorite too. Lots on if you look around. BTW, I’ve quit hooking up to cable and just use the antenna now- lots more good stations there.

julie Winkelman (@guest_131266)
2 years ago

Got to 1:25 of the three minutes and turned it off. The dumbing down of America has benn going on for a long time. If that’s the best you can find on TV, read a book (if you can.)

Gary G (@guest_131271)
2 years ago

YEP! That’s why I read A LOT! You made it 15 seconds longer than me 😎

Scott (@guest_195070)
1 year ago

It was riveting in an awful sort of way… like taking poison in small doses. Could not go anymore that the allotted time or my brain would begin to atrophy much like the occupants of the RV

Dan Cunningham (@guest_131255)
2 years ago

This so-called reality show is as finely scripted as any popular drama series on TV. Phoney and stupid as hell. Anyone who actually thinks this is real is fooling themselves.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_131249)
2 years ago

This stuff is partially caused by the show “Going RV”, which makes RV’ing look like so much fun – for these first time buyers. On their first time out they always nab a beautiful creek side site, or a really nice RV park with all the amenities. Who wouldn’t want to buy into that?

Bob Stellmaker (@guest_131237)
2 years ago

I just hope nobody gets hurt or killed in their misadventure.

Ron T. (@guest_131226)
2 years ago

90 Day Finance? I know it’s just a typo, but if it were 90 year Finance I’d think it would be Camping World’s new idea . . .

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Ron T.

😆 Thanks, Ron. It’s been fixed. Have a great day! 😀 —Diane

Larry Voss (@guest_131214)
2 years ago

Thanks for the unbiased review of the show. We are two of the (many) loyal viewers – and LOVE the show. You may be horrified to learn that we also watch General Hospital and Gold Rush (also hugely popular programs). I for one got a kick out of the cast members ignorance about RVs, but suspect many novices are similar – especially these days. I love it though when RVs are depicted in any program because we enjoy just seeing our favorite pastime depicted on “mainstream” TV.

By the way Andrei chose to drive because he has a Commercial Driver’s License…

Jim (@guest_131241)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Voss

We love the show too Larry.

Ginger (@guest_131374)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Voss

We love the show also.

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