Friday, June 2, 2023


This RV has a giant sunroof!

Roll your tongues back in your heads, fellas. Perhaps a more technically correct headline would read, “Top-down RV ahead.” It’s all part of an innovative motorhome – NOT coming to an RV show near you – unless you happen to live in the EU.

Yep, you gotta hand it to American RV designers. They just seem hell-bent on forking over the same-old-stuff with a few whistles and bells.

camperitalia on

European motorcoach designers just seem light-years ahead of their U.S. counterparts. “Gee, you mean you can roll out your awning by pushing a button on your iPad, Mr. America? Shucks, on this side of the pond we drive our motorhomes with the roof retracted!”

real_born2camp on

Recently appearing at a European RV trade show, the Skydancer Apéro shows what a little forward-looking can do for a design. Built on a Fiat Ducato chassis, this flashy rig offers space for four to sleep – literally under the stars. And you can stay plenty awake and drive under the stars as well with the Skydancer.

Well, maybe you’d be uncomfortable sleeping under the stars, as the rig is a double-decker design. The top, “A cab,” provides seating for four and dining space. Sleeping is on a lower deck, but hey, there’s something to be said about changing the lyrics to “King for a Day” to “All I want is an ice cream cone, a Convertible RV, and a country home in the hills.”

Need a visit to the powder room? You can access the lower deck from the cab area by a set of steps, or alternatively, by a side door from ground level. Once you’re in the biffy, you’ll find a toilet, shower and fold-down sink. Now there’s another innovation!

With a base price of less than $150,000, those fortunate Euro RVers have something to think about. Come on, Indiana – Wake up!



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Rory R
4 years ago

Guess I’ll be the naysayer here, I don’t even like convertible cars.

Alan Wolfe
4 years ago

Here is a link to a video on this RV:

Colin Grant
4 years ago

Is this a soft top or retractable hardtop? Soft top, just think of all those low branches waiting to poke holes or thieves with a sharp knife. No thanks I’ll keep my hard roof.

4 years ago
Reply to  Colin Grant
4 years ago

Wonderful Idea until the seals go bad and it starts leaking all over the inside!

Primo Ruy's Roadhouse
4 years ago

something else to maintain and fix when broken

4 years ago

It sure would be nice to have more and clearer pics.
Maybe even an explanation of how it works.

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