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By Chuck Woodbury
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My career as a roving reporter began in the 1980s. Much has changed. At we try our best to make sense of that change and how it affects us.

More than one-third of our income comes from our readers, who we proudly call members, who believe that what we do makes a difference. We do not accept advertising from RV dealers and manufacturers because that brings an obligation to place their interests above yours. We will not do that!

The industry is selling record numbers of RVs and earning record profits. In doing so, they are producing far too many with serious defects. Our surveys show that more than 20 percent of new RVs have serious workmanship issues. That is unacceptable! RVers write us every day asking for help: their RVs are so flawed they cannot even use them, and getting them fixed can drag on for months! 

Some of our major projects:
•To pressure RV makers to build better RVs.
•To better educate RV buyers so they know the difference between a good RV and a flawed one.
•To provide guidance to RVers with lemons about how to get them fixed, or find legal assistance if necessary.
•To promote a coast-to-coast chain of inexpensive overnight RV stopovers with electric hookups.
•To educate RVers about electrical safety to prevent them from harming their appliances and electrical systems — even themselves (which, sadly, happens).
•To spread the word that financing an RV for 15 or 20 years should be avoided at all costs, even though Camping World pushes those loans above all others.
•To put pressure on RV dealers to do a better job servicing the RVs they sell, and for them to also service the RVs of those bought elsewhere. This is a big, industry-wide problem!
•To develop special member-only content and benefits.

And, or course, we will continue to post newsletters and hundreds of helpful articles every month about traveling and using your RV. Our staff includes the nation’s leading experts on all aspects of RVing, and they know what they’re talking about! Even though we often get preoccupied with the problems that come with RV ownership, we still believe traveling with a recreational vehicle can be one of life’s great pleasures.

Your “voluntary subscription” helps. It helps a lot! If you can only afford $5 a year, we appreciate it. If you can afford more, we appreciate that. But the fact is all those contributions, big and small, add up. You empower us to work as hard and smart as we can to ensure your RV lives are everything you dreamed they would be.

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