Message to RV Travel Supporters, Jan. 19, 2018

From editor Chuck Woodbury

Hello again!

It’s been a month or so since I sent out anything special to our loyal, and much appreciated subscribers who have supported us financially, helping us devote more time to write about important matters about RVing not discussed elsewhere. We would be hard pressed to provide the amount and quality of information without your support. Thank you.

Gail and her buddy mini horse Nugget.

Gail and I are in the Hill Country of Texas, in a small RV park in Ingram (population 1,800), about an hour drive from San Antonio. It’s a beautiful little campground with 70 sites mostly occupied by winter Texans. It’s in a pecan grove with a herd of 10 miniature horses (two more to be born soon). Gail loves horses, so she’s in heaven. We may have become the number one carrot buyers in local grocery stores!

PLEASE EXCUSE ME for not naming the park: I would love to, but selfishly I fear we’ll never get in here again if the word gets out (we plan to return for a few months next year). And I’m sure my neighbors wouldn’t appreciate me blabbing about it and making it harder for them to return. That said, it’s pretty easy to figure out where we are with a quick search on the Internet. 

I hit a hot button last week with RV Travel readers when I mentioned discovering so many RVs with residential refrigerators at the recent San Antonio RV Show (especially fifth wheel trailers). Oh my goodness! The comments came one after another. Many RVers think these refrigerators are wonderful; others would not have one. I will tell you more about what I learned and offer some comments in next week’s newsletter. 

RV electricity expert Mike Sokol and I are working on an education project that will benefit all RVers. One thing you should never mess with in your RV is electricity. Mike is THE national authority on the subject, and I am working my hardest to make it financially feasible for him to continue working with us. Mike is very excited at the prospect! You will not find anyone with his knowledge anywhere else on the Web. I urge you to order his book, which is the best resource by far available about RV electricity. And be sure to sign up for his monthly newsletter.

I have a story to tell you that you might enjoy. Three weeks ago I announced in the RV Travel newsletter that we were looking for some new writers. There is much going on these days in the RV world, and I do not have the time to even begin reporting about it all, nor do our current writers. The donations of our voluntary subscribers, which includes you (again, thank you) have provided the funds to add to our paid freelance staff, which will make even more valuable to you.

Back to the story … I received a very promising email from a woman named Deanna Tolliver, offering her writing services. The last paragraph of her email totally surprised me and made me chuckle. She wrote, “If you are interested in learning more about me, I’m just five spaces from you in the RV park.” Small world, huh?

We met two days later, and it turns out Deanna Tolliver is Dr. Deanna Tolliver, DVM — a recently retired veterinarian and full-time RVer! She is a talented writer who misses helping pet lovers with the health issues of their furry (and sometimes feathery) friends. Her first column will be in tomorrow’s newsletter (but you can read it now before the big gang tomorrow). Please email her if you have questions about your pet or to simply welcome her to our RV Travel community. Her email is

My daughter, Emily, who recently moved back to the Seattle area to work with after seven years in New York City (where she attended college), is quickly becoming an important part of our operation. She has accompanied me on many-an-RV road trip and knows the lifestyle very well. It’s a dream come true for me working with her now, something I never expected. After about six months, she continues to soak up knowledge very quickly (nothing like a young mind). Some readers have already met her through email correspondence. 

We’re bringing back our Pot of Gold Zip Code contest starting tomorrow. It was very popular for many years until we changed servers and lost the ability to automate it. All that is worked out now. The idea is that Monday through Saturday we’ll post three randomly selected U.S. Zip Codes and three Canadian postal codes. If you live in one of them (or your residency is established there) and can quickly prove it, you win cash — $100 for tomorrow’s contest and then $1 added every day there is no winner. It’s mostly for fun, but it was always a good way to boost our circulation, which has many benefits which I’ll go into another time. 

We have quietly reintroduced our website. You can visit it if you wish, but we’re not publicizing it until we have time to complete it. Right now, it looks like, but with some of the functionality missing and many articles yet to post. And just to show you what we and other publishers are up against these days, the week we made the site live it was attacked by hackers 30,000 times! Our tech guy, Kim Christiansen, explained what that means in a recent posting, which you can read here. We have top-quality protection from such invasions, so all is well. But if we did not pay for that protection, the site would have been ruined. During that same week, was attacked several thousand times. You have to wonder about the evil people who do this sort of thing.

I wanted to do a video for you this week, but time is going so fast that it seems it’s always Friday and I’m out of time. But speaking of videos, our YouTube channel will hit 17 million views this weekend. If you do not subscribe (free), please consider doing so.

And once again, thank you for lending your support to help us be the best we can be! Please tell your friends about us (maybe post something on your Facebook page) and suggest they check us out.

But before I go, a quick word from Dr. Deanna’s parrot Toby, who will stand in for me saying goodbye.