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Use a Ford Taurus (and other things) to tenderize steaks (really!)

Yum! Is there anything better than a juicy, tender, grilled steak? Every time I see a Ford Taurus I think about eating a steak so-tender-it-melts-in-your-mouth! (By the way, the Taurus is no longer in production. However, it was a wildly popular car in the ’80s. In fact, the Ford Taurus was named the 1986 Motor Trend Car of the Year.)

Taurus tenderizer!

Yes, we’re still talking about steak here! The reason I connect the Taurus with tenderizing steak is because my neighbor, Karen, used her car to make the most tender, mouth-watering steaks I’ve ever eaten. No kidding! This is what she’d do: Karen placed a low-cost steak between two sheets of plastic wrap, then she’d wrap the “meat package” inside an old towel. She placed the wrapped meat on the ground in front of her Taurus’ left front tire and ran over the meat. Then she promptly put the car in reverse and ran over the steak again. (You can see what I mean in this video.)

If you don’t have a Ford Taurus, you can substitute Karen’s tenderizing method by pounding the steak with a meat tenderizing hammer, but it will take much longer than her Taurus-tenderizing method.

No Taurus? No meat hammer? No problem!

Here are other ways to tenderize those tougher cuts of meat to make steaks that will practically melt in your mouth!

  • Use salt. Heavily salt the steak and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then rinse off the salt and pat the steak dry. Season and grill as usual.
  • Use enzymes to break down the tendons in tougher cuts of meat. Look for marinade recipes that use pineapple, as it makes a great tenderizer. Just don’t let the meat marinate too long or it will turn to mush. Yes, it really works that well.
  • Acid will also tenderize meat. Think: vinegar, lemon/lime juice, yogurt, or Dr. Pepper/colas. Search for marinades that contain these acidic ingredients and you’ll be good to grill.

One last suggestion:

If you slice the meat against the grain before serving you can cut through any tough membrane that makes chewing steak a chore.

Do you have a favorite steak tenderizer or marinade? Please share it with us!


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5 months ago

The “low cost steak” in the photo appears to be a bone-in beef shank, most commonly used for beef stock/ meat for soups or in braised dishes. One could run over a beef shank with a tank (if one was so inclined), but this cut is far more effectively “tenderized” by slow cooking at lower temperatures.

Bob Weinfurt
5 months ago

Something else that helps to tenderize meat is freezing it for a day or so. When water freezes it expands, stretching and breaking cell membranes. Let it thaw out slowly, not in a microwave, before cooking. Just be sure to wrap the meat tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil so as not to have it get “freezer burned” which dries it out.

Sink Jaxon
5 months ago

First of all, that is not a low cost steak, it’s a pork tenderloin, and if you cook it correctly it will never be tough. Grill it hot and fast but don’t over cook it! Secondly, just don’t buy a low cost steak… no matter what you do to it, it won’t be a ‘melt in your mouth’ experience.

Bob p
5 months ago

I would be afraid the dog would get the steak before I got the Taurus in park. Lol

Donald N Wright
5 months ago

Reminded me of the book about cooking on the cars engine while you drive.

5 months ago

When I was doing field service years ago, we drove 1965 mid-engine Chevy vans. My lunch was heated many times on top of the engine since the ‘hood” was between the seats and easy access.