Saturday, September 26, 2020
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As RVers are we “getting away from it all” or is the lifestyle “getting...

By Barry Zander It’s crazy! If you haven’t been made aware of the sudden under-supply of campsites as RV sales skyrocket, it will become more...

Storytelling: A pleasant RV spot, a mysterious gray van, and a whole lotta cops…

By Barry Zander With red and blue lights a-flashing, into the campground came some of Yavapai County, Arizona’s, finest. They formed a circle, a la...

Major milestone reached for Harvest Hosts

By Emily Woodbury We're happy to announce that our hard-working friends at Harvest Hosts have achieved a major milestone. On February 20th, the company added...

Readers’ favorite RV parks and campgrounds. Stayed at any of these?

We recently asked you: Do you have a favorite RV park or campground? Here are some of your answers, organized by state (and one...

A campground in the clouds and a slice of pie. Paradise!

By Emily Schneider Note from the RVtravel.com staff: Emily wrote in telling us about her favorite campground, Campfire Lodgings, outside her favorite place, Asheville, NC....

Free and cheap places to stay in an RV, Issue 925

Free and inexpensive places to stay with your RV in the U.S. and Canada! Updated weekly When it comes to free places to stay a night...

Avoid hidden fees by knowing a park’s reservation system

RVtravel.com reader Jeffrey Torsrud has been an avid RVer for nearly two decades and has owned several RVs. He offers this warning about fees...

VIDEO: 14 Luxury Motorcoach Resorts – What You Need To Know In 60 Seconds

By Andy Pargh, The Gadget Guru At the recent Prevost Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida, more than 50 preowned Prevost motorhomes were on display...
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San Solomon Springs “A Desert Oasis” at Balmorhea State Park in west Texas

San Solomon Springs pool from diving board.Julianne G. Crane) Situated about about seven miles south of I-10 on Hwy. 17 in west Texas, Balmorhea...
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Borrego Springs is backdrop to 140 free-standing amazing metal sculptures

Scattered across the southern California desert near Borrego Springs are more than 140 amazing life-size depictions of animals that are said to have roamed...
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Maryhill Art Museum & State Park = perfect family RV Short Stop, camping

Maryhill Art Museum in the Columbia River Gorge. (Julianne G. Crane) One just doesn't expect to run into an amazing art museum amid a green...
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Mt. Shasta … is a magnificent view almost anytime of the year

Mt. Shasta, Calif., from the south along I-5 (Julianne G. Crane) Depending on the amount of winter snowfall (which has been well below average the...