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Super absorbent Shurhold mop saves time and effort

  By Bob Difley Due to lack of time, or fatigue, many people allow their RV to air dry after rinsing it down, leaving unsightly water...

Take a load off those tired legs

  By Bob Difley Whether it's to take a break while waxing an RV or fishing from a secluded bank, everyone needs to take a load...

Wash your rig with dish soap?

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris When RVtravel.com ran a video that espoused the idea of cleaning RV exteriors with water and liquid dish soap,...

Banish ugly streaks with Star brite Black Streak Remover

  By Bob Difley If those ugly black streaks from water run-off bug you, Star brite® has a spray that will get rid of them. Description Black Streak...

Shurhold’s Bucket Grate improves RV washing

  By Bob Difley Everyone has a favorite item to clean their RV with, be it a wash mitt, sponge or brush. All of these tools...

Protect your RV’s finish with long handle neoprene sleeve

  By Bob Difley Accidentally scratching the paint on an RV with a metal handle while washing it is a thing of the past with Shurhold...

Clean all your vehicles the fun way with Foam Blaster

    By Bob Difley The Chemical Guys Foam Blaster 6 Foam Gun is a fun and easy tool for washing any vehicle. Using the power...

Make your own RV rain gutters, avoid black streaks

Tired of black streaks rolling down the side of your RV? It seems like RV cleaning product manufacturers like them – they must sell...

Shurhold system enables high quality DIY RV detailing

By Bob Difley RV owners tired of paying $5–7 a foot to have their rigs professionally cleaned can instead detail with quality DIY tools and...

Get a handle on your handles

If you are carrying several long-handled tools for maintaining your RV’s appearance, look into the Shurhold system where you will need only one handle....

De-fog your headlights with bug spray? Maybe not!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris We get a lot of interesting suggestions from readers. One of them offered up hope for defogging headlights. We've...

Black streaks: Where do they come from? How to deal with them?

By Dicor Corporation All kinds of airborne pollutants land on your RV roof, including plain old dirt and mold. Many pollutants have properties that help...