Sunday, August 9, 2020
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New blog: RVing during the pandemic, Aug. 8, 2020

This is a new weekly blog where you tell us how you are coping with RVing during the pandemic. By Nanci Dixon I am finding that...

Think there’s nothing to do during a Pandemic? Think again!

By Nanci Dixon Think there is nothing to do in a Pandemic? You're wrong! During this time of mask-wearing, self-isolation and restrictions on most of our...

Tips for traveling, camping and hunkering down in a COVID-19 world

By Nanci Dixon We left Arizona just before the surge in COVID-19 cases hit the national news. We stayed so long that even the rattlesnakes...

Update: Help! Lend your RV to a frontline healthcare worker

By Terri Nighswonger When our article on RVs 4 MDs ran in April, I don’t think many of us would have thought COVID-19 would be...

Park Hosts, essential workers, challenged during pandemic

By Nanci Dixon While our duties are far less heroic than the incredible nurses, doctors and first responders, we are considered essential workers in both...

Help! Can my pet get COVID-19?

By Terri Nighswonger As the world learns more about COVID-19, individuals are taking precautions to keep themselves and their families safe. What about keeping our...

Boondocking in a coronavirus world. Part 1: Why?

By Dave Helgeson I have touted the many benefits of boondocking for years. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, I have discovered even more reasons to choose...

UPDATE: Upset Maine RV park owners sue Governor

By Russ and Tiña De Maris This story was published earlier this week. For the latest updates, please continue reading. Two Maine campgrounds have filed...

Readers tell us: How will the U.S. resuming business affect the coronavirus spread?

By Emily Woodbury As I'm sure you've noticed, around the U.S. state governors are starting to open businesses, relaxing stay-at-home requirements, and encouraging more people...

RV Coronavirus News Update, May 24, 2020

Please send your news about the coronavirus pandemic as it applies to RVers to editor@rvtravel or submit it here Did you miss yesterday's RVtravel Newsletter?...

Readers tell us: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

By Emily Woodbury Are you tired of hearing about the coronavirus yet? Well, yes, I am too. However, it's something that's going to be the...
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Would you stay at a campground if required to wear a mask when outdoors?

Mask "requirements" are popping up across states everywhere. The CDC recommends that everyone wear a cloth face mask when away from home, indoors or...