Monday, April 12, 2021
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Quick way to verify a campsite length

By Dave Helgeson Do you camp often in public campgrounds? Maybe you find the maximum length restrictions listed in campground directories unreliable? Do you wish...
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Eliminating hitch clunk

By Dave Helgeson Clunk! If you pull a travel trailer you are likely to hear this sound being emitted from your hitch after a few...

Where do you hitch your breakaway cable?

By Dave Helgeson (updated Nov. 4, 2020) Travel trailer owners have debated on where to attach the breakaway cable to the tow vehicle as long as...

Check the specs before buying an RV

By Dave Helgeson There is a saying that goes something like this: “Ain’t she pretty, ain’t she fine, I am going to make her mine.”...

Boondocking in a coronavirus world. Part 5: Here’s a big variety of things to...

By Dave Helgeson Due to the pandemic, more RVs are on the road this summer as families across the country have discovered RVing as a...
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When boondocking, do you have a backup plan if something fails in the RV?

By Dave Helgeson Self-reliance is part of the attraction for many who RV: the ability to go where you want, when you want, taking care...

Alternative power and gadget suggestions when hookups are not available

By Dave Helgeson Are you a free spirit that likes to travel without advance reservations? Do you just show up at an RV park or...
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Here’s how to keep your gray valve open without the stink

Editor's note: In general, you should always keep your gray tank closed, opening it only to dump. In some circumstances, perhaps the technique below...

Boondocking in a coronavirus world. Part 4: What’s holding you back?

By Dave Helgeson My wife and I are in the age bracket that places us at increased risk for severe illness if we were to...

Avoid the cordless drill blues

By Dave Helgeson If you are like me, you carry a cordless drill in your RV. They come in handy for a bunch of things...

Customized shelving for your RV cabinets

By Dave Helgeson How many wardrobe closets, tall overhead cabinets and floor-to-counter storage areas does the average RV really need? Evidently plenty – based on...

How to make the most of your stay in full-service campgrounds

By Dave Helgeson There's much debate about staying in full-service campgrounds versus no-cost locations like Walmart, Flying J, etc. Often, RVers en route to a...