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Driving in Texas

Do you “Drive Friendly”? How to be a better RV driver

By Gail Marsh "Drive Friendly." This was the sign that greeted me as I entered Texas for my first real job. Huh. Back then I...

What kind of roads do you dread driving down the most?

Every RVer has a type of road they dread driving down the most. Some of us can't stand to drive through the city, others...

Safety tips for driving directly into the sun

By Gail Marsh The hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise – that’s the time of day when glare from the sun is at...

Rough Road Ahead: Four essential tips to avoid the bumps

By Gail Marsh There are four key things to remember when you hit rough roads. You know, those bone-jarring, washboard-like highways where you hold your...

Tips to improve your RV’s gas mileage

This is written by our friend Eric Johnson, from TechnoRV. Filling an RV or tow vehicle's gas tank is never cheap, even when the price...

Pay attention to passing motorists’ warnings of trouble

On the road, most of us have experienced looking out our window to see a car passing by with someone waving frantically, and pointing...

Do you know what you’re getting into on a dirt road?

By Barry Zander How many spouses of RV pilots have questioned the decision to ignore good sense by veering off onto a dirt road? “What...

This innovative spring system improves your RV handling

By Barry Zander While it’s become standard equipment on many emergency vehicles, the LiquidSpring suspension system also improves RV handling. This might sound like an...
Reader polls

Do you drive or tow your RV?

If you've been reading RV Travel for a long time, you probably remember us asking this question before (perhaps a couple of times) and...

Marriage advice from a hand-signalin’, RV backer-upper

By Nanci Dixon I will admit it, watching folks back RVs into campsites, particularly tight ones, has become a rather guilty source of entertainment. I...

YOU DO NOT (repeat: DO NOT) want to drive on this road

What's the scariest road you've ever driven down? There are many of them across the U.S., but the road in the photo below just...

Which state has the worst drivers? This new report ranks them all

For the fourth year in a row, Smart Asset has produced a report showing the states with the worst drivers. (Did the East Coast...