Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Tuck some drawers under your dinette for small-item organization

By Greg Illes Every once in a while you run across a really handy little accessory that makes RV life just a little bit better....
maintenance and repair

RV weight limits can sneak up on you

By Greg Illes I've learned to always drive my RV within its specified weight limits. How I learned this is a long and somewhat sordid...

Getting along – Pointers for a great RV partnership

By Greg Illes It is said that wherever your relationship is going, traveling together in an RV will take it there sooner. Here are some...
maintenance and repair

Be kind to your transmission for its long and happy life

By Greg Illes Most of us check our transmission fluid now and then (don't we?). Some of us even have it changed every once in...

A handy TV installation idea for small RVs

By Greg Illes Our RV floor plan had only one TV, and it was mounted up front, high above the captains' chairs. Even after we...
maintenance and repair

Extend your batteries’ life with proper care

By Greg Illes Battery capacity is a common topic among RVers, with much discussion of LED lighting and various power-saving techniques. But less understood is the...

Master your cruise control for smooth traveling

By Greg Illes Most RVs have Cruise control capability, either on the steering wheel or one of the steering column controls. Most drivers have a...

Select your towed vehicle for all-around fun and utility

By Greg Illes It turns out that "towed" and "toad" are pronounced the same. It also turns out that the RV community, as a whole,...

Try out a propane campfire when burning wood just won’t do

By Greg Illes Let's face it — a wood campfire is the ultimate outdoor experience in so many ways. The dancing flames, flickering light and...

Don’t feed the mosquitoes – Protecting yourself from insects

By Greg Illes Let’s face it – the lovely forests and streams that we all enjoy when we are out-and-about are fantastic havens for all...

Carry some basic tools – even if you can’t use them

By Greg Illes Well, that's sort of a joke title — why carry tools if you can't use them? Actually, the answer is simple: You...
maintenance and repair

Choose and safely use the proper ladder for RV care

By Greg Illes Most every RV has some kind of built-in ladder to get up on top and inspect or maintain the rig. So why...