Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Move your RV TV for comfort

By Greg Illes Maybe you're one of the lucky ones and your TV is perfectly situated in your RV for the best viewing comfort. But...
maintenance and repair

Keep your water pressure under control

By Greg Illes RV water systems are designed for modest water pressure. The typical built-in 12-volt pump produces a maximum of 45 psi or 55...

Use wireless thermometers to track important areas of your RV

By Greg Illes Once upon a time, long before wireless thermometers, the only reliable temperature measurement was with a hollow glass rod filled with mercury....

Use self-fusing silicone tape for weatherproof connections

By Greg Illes Standard vinyl electrical tape has been around for a long time – too long, some would say. The problem with this commonly...

Going solar? Be realistic about your power needs

By Greg Illes So you've decided to "go solar." Congratulations! You need to be realistic about your power needs, and no doubt you've read a...
maintenance and repair

Change your brake fluid for reliability and long system life

By Greg Illes Absolutely everybody changes their engine oil and transmission fluid (or has it done). Some folks remember to change differential gear oil. But...

Some basic tips for winter RVing

By Greg Illes Winter can be cold, rainy, snowy and miserable. Many of us choose to "run and hide" from the winter, fleeing into more...
maintenance and repair

An easy fix to stop towed vehicle rattle

By Greg Illes There are a lot of anti-rattle devices on the market, all aimed at limiting or removing the "clunk" from the loose-fitting tow...
maintenance and repair

Keep your generator linkage clean to prevent stoppages

By Greg Illes Onan generators, typically 4000W (3600W for propane), are often a feature on mid- to large-size RVs. You can recognize these ubiquitous products...

Flagpoles: They can be useful or a nuisance

By Greg Illes Anybody who has been to an Off-Highway-Vehicle (OHV) camp, or to Quartzsite or other big gathering, has seen the tall flagpoles reaching...
maintenance and repair

Watch your dumping operation closely (but not TOO closely)

By Greg Illes I don't think anyone will argue that the dumping of holding tanks is the worst of RV jobs. This skanky task makes...

Lane-savvy driving – the safe way to travel

By Greg Illes Transitioning from driving a car to herding a big RV down the road can be both a pleasure and a challenge. Dragging...