Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Use creative exercises to tune up your life

By Greg Illes Exercise shouldn’t mean that you have to curl a telephone pole with your fellow Navy Seals (photo below). In fact, it can...

Get started in boondocking with these essentials

By Greg Illes Have you been thinking about going "off the grid" but are unsure how to get started? Like most of us, you don't...

Level your rig like a pro – without messing up your suspension

By Greg Illes For most RVers leveling seems pretty straightforward. The most difficult thing seems to be getting that pesky bubble centered in the level....

Using RV locks safely – and wisely

By Greg Illes My RV has a LOT of locks. Cargo bay locks, water filler lock, two door locks, ignition lock. And then there's the...

Make your own custom sink-matched cutting board

By Greg Illes Our RV kitchen came with a small board that filled in part of the sink area. This was handy because the whole...

RVing: Be safe and happy every day with the 3/300 rule

By Greg Illes Before I bought my RV, I thought I knew a lot about driving around the country. With almost 50 years of driving...

Keep that RV going straight down the road

By Greg Illes There are a lot of RVs that don't always drive straight down the road – and it's not always someone else's rig. If...

How to tow a “dead” vehicle out of the middle of nowhere

By Greg Illes After more than fifty years of driving, and a lot of it off-road, I've had a bit of experience towing “dead” vehicles....

Towing in the dirt – Be careful of your “fog”

By Greg Illes In 2015, we were fortunate to be able to take off for several months to tour Alaska and Canada. While most of...
RV Electricity

Taking care of batteries, high-tech style

By Greg Illes Sometimes batteries seem ridiculously simple – we tend to see them as either working or dead. But there is way more than...

Use chip clips for no-swing hooks to keep things handy

By Greg Illes In a nice, stable house, hooks on the walls hold lots of stuff for display or to have handy at a moment's...

Make a safe U-turn when the road goes the wrong way

By Greg Illes Things that you never even thought about when you were traveling in a car become major events when you're managing a seven-ton...