Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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He bought an RV with $20,000 worth of damage. His warning to you…

By Randall Brink I couldn't have been happier on the day I took delivery of my Foretravel Grand Villa U300. I had done a lot...

Video: Scary! Tropical storm nearly sends RVs parked on beach out to sea!

A tidal surge in Port Aransas, Texas, from Tropical Storm Cristobal nearly took dozens of RVers and tent campers out to sea on June...
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An RV rental horror story: “I was ripped off by an RV rental scam!”

This comment was left on our Daily Tips Newsletter by Brian Burry. Here's Brian's story: Before my wife would consider us purchasing an RV, she...

Dog accidentally changes gears, sending motorhome rolling into lake

This is an RV horror story of just about the worst kind. As a man unhooks his fishing boat from his motorhome on the...
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RVer frustrated with Keystone trailer

By Chuck Woodbury We started the Facebook page RV Horror Stories to provide a way for RVers who are stuck with lemon RVs to tell...

Video: Trailer flips, tumbles on highway

It doesn't appear any harm came to humans in this travel trailer wipeout, but the RV surely didn't fare well. You can't tell exactly what...

Stupid RV design: Another example

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR, RVTRAVEL.COM I'd laugh if this wasn't so indicative of what happens so often in the RV industry. Stupid design! Look at this photo...