Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Hilarious Halloween prank is dog-gone scary!

Happy Halloween! Thanks to one of our readers and friend George Bliss for sending us this video. Our whole staff got a laugh out of...

Hilarious video about DIY face masks… what could go wrong?

This hilarious viral video has made its way around YouTube and earned itself nearly 11 million views. Kay Pruitt shows you how to make...

This hilarious dog is ready for fall!

Happy September (can you believe it?)! We saw this video on Facebook and had to share with you. Are you as excited for fall as...

RVers: Slow down and enjoy life

By Jim Twamley When not restricted by the pandemic, we enjoy the RV lifestyle for many reasons. Travel and experiencing new adventures is at the...

The masked bandit that robbed our campsite and got away!

By Barry Zander Please listen to the 23-second introduction:   The place: Shepard State Park The town: Gautier, Mississippi The accused: Rosemary Charged with: Herbal Robbery Peacefully nestled in woody Shepard...

Need a laugh today? Watch this.

Sometimes the Internet can be a nasty, mean place. But for the most part, it's an informative, educational, and entertaining place. A place where...

Hilarious video of a granddad who won’t drink water, only wine!

There is no way we could pass up showing you this video. Hilarious! This grandad's voice is dubbed over with a baby's voice, and...

Should you do housework or hang out with your dog? This’ll tell you…

We came across this video on Facebook and thought we'd share it with you if you're having a hard time deciding what to do...

This campground is top secret. Do you know where it is?

We know of an amazing, beautiful, free campground. The campsites are underneath three-tiered waterfalls, and they're so private you can't see your neighbors. There...

Hilarious! Couple sings, “Baby it’s COVID outside!”

It is certainly fun on the Internet these days. People are getting very creative with the things they come up with while they spend...

Toilet paper – the softer side of the coronavirus crisis

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Coronavirus is driving us crazy. No, we haven’t caught it and developed mental symptoms. Rather, it’s everybody around us...

Hilarious video: Trust no one!

We can guarantee that your smile will last longer than this 6-second video, and that you'll want to watch it more than once!   ##RVT942