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Slide-outs for your galley make storage a snap

By Jim Twamley Editor's note: We found this little tip stashed away in a dark recess of the publishing world. Originally published in 2009, the...

Window awnings – Enjoy the shade but keep your view

By Jim Twamley RV window awnings typically have two positions — deployed or stowed. When the window awning is deployed it can cut your viewing...

Make that dish drainer do a better job!

By Jim Twamley When we lived in a house we had a built-in dishwasher. Nowadays you can get a built-in dishwasher in your RV (usually...

Keeping your water filter upright

By Jim Twamley A water filter is a great idea because it keeps impurities from contaminating your water system. There are many different types and...

Basement storage disorganized? Fix it!

By Jim Twamley No matter what type of RV you own, storage will be an issue. Over the years I've used everything from elaborate storage...

Lose the shake with a 5th wheel or goose neck tripod

By Jim Twamley The "king pin" on a 5th wheel is the point where the trailer attaches to the "hitch" of the tow vehicle. Many...

Navigating parking lots with a big RV

By Jim Twamley Maybe you've had experiences like mine: My very first time out with our new 5th wheel we decided to stop at a...

Cleaning your RV? Get steaming mad at dirt!

By Jim Twamley Sunshine and flowers in bloom mean it's time for some RV spring cleaning. Forget about chemicals, put away the rubber gloves and...

A macerator pump can resolve your sewage issues

By Jim Twamley Shanghaied by sewer problems? What's that? Want to stay on a relative's property in the comfort of your RV but can't because...

Do-it-yourself RV storage organizer

By Jim Twamley No matter what type of RV you own, storage will always be an issue. I've used everything from elaborate storage compartment organization...

Does your RV bathroom need an assist device?

By Jim Twamley Many RVers need a little assistance in the bathroom, like conveniently placed grab bars which are available at hardware stores. These are the...

Avoid an RV “power drag” with a checklist

By Jim Twamley It is said that a good journalist always has four things with him: pencil and pad, a camera, and his wits. Fortunately...