Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Trucks and RVs: Move over to the left lane – Why?

By Jim Twamley When piloting a big rig like an RV or an 18-wheeler, the general advice is, "Stay in the right lane except to...

Need hospital care? Your RV may be welcome

By Jim Twamley Many hospitals have designated RV parking for when you need hospital care. In fact, many have hook-ups that patients and family members...

Beware of RV bumper junk

By Jim Twamley In my RV travels I have seen all kinds of "bumper junk" attached to both the front and rear of RVs. It's...

Nifty do-it-yourself bike rack saves money

By Jim Twamley No need to spend wads of cash for a commercial bike rack for your rig. My friend Ed Grabman used a little...

RV skid rollers help prevent trailer drag on steep driveways

By Jim Twamley Sometimes RVing can be a drag, especially when you have a long trailer. RV skid rollers help prevent trailer drag when traversing...

A hot tip for a cold RV night

By Jim Twamley Everyone has a different RV sleeping profile. Some folks like to sleep with the windows open even during winter. Others prefer the...

Kneeling gets a helping hand

By Jim Twamley We RVers spend a lot of time on our knees. Sometimes in prayer (depending on what brand of RV we have), but...

Some pointers for choosing an RV storage facility

By Jim Twamley I know my neighbors weren't happy when I stored my RV next to my stick house. I tried to keep my RV...

Do you really need solar panels on your RV?

By Jim Twamley Many RVs sport solar panels, and they can be quite handy. On the other hand, solar panels aren't inexpensive – although their...

RVers: Slow down and enjoy life

By Jim Twamley When not restricted by the pandemic, we enjoy the RV lifestyle for many reasons. Travel and experiencing new adventures is at the...

RV fueling etiquette at the truck stop

By Jim Twamley We RVers often use truck stops for refueling because they are designed for large rigs and it seems that RVs are getting...
Do-it-yourself RV book rack

A good place to carry books in your RV

By Jim Twamley Editor’s note: In an early Star Trek motion picture, there’s a scene where Captain Kirk has donned a pair of ancient eyeglasses...