Sunday, April 18, 2021
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RVer Safety: Let’s review safety and security ideas

By Mike Sherman We have discussed several ideas for RVers' safety and security over the past few months, so let's recap a few of the...

RVer Safety: Do you hate guns? Alternatives for self-protection

By Mike Sherman Do you want to feel protected while camping but you shun guns? There are alternatives that will help you in the event...

RVer Safety: Guns and nuts, Part 2 cont’d.

By Mike Sherman My post last week generated more than 90 responses. The topic can no doubt get emotional, and one thing I noticed is...

RVer Safety: Guns and nuts, Part 2

By Mike Sherman Last week's topic ignited a strong response with strong opinions. I believe many Americans are asking what can be done about mass...

RVer Safety: Guns and nuts – What can we do?

By Mike Sherman I usually try to bring forth topics that pertain specifically to RVers that travel the highways of America, discussing topics pertaining to...

RVer Safety: What can LA, and other cities, do to help the homeless?

By Mike Sherman This week's topic on safety and security is taking a turn to visit urban Los Angeles, to take a closer look at...

RVer Safety: Another camper goes missing

By Mike Sherman Last week we reported on a woman who got lost but was found ... a wonderful ending, especially considering the area. The...

RVer Safety: You might consider self-protection if wilderness camping

By Mike Sherman We have read news accounts of strangers shooting at campers walking on a trail. This story takes a unique turn. Imagine pulling into...

RVer Safety: Look up when you park

By Mike Sherman We have talked about guns, the pros and cons of having one, shootings in state campgrounds (rangers killing bad guys and bad...

RVer Safety: Safety tools for boondockers: satellite messenger service

By Mike Sherman Modern technology is amazing. Now you can communicate with just about anyone from anywhere regardless of cellular availability ... via satellite. Introducing...

RVer Safety: Man fatally shot by rangers at California State Park

By Mike Sherman A man shooting a gun in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park was fatally shot by park rangers late Saturday , according to...

RVer Safety: Be prepared for a tornado

By Mike Sherman Perhaps you have seen disaster movies featuring a vivid display of nature's power. The special effects can be dazzling, no doubt about...