Friday, May 7, 2021
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RVer Safety: I carry a gun – Should I have insurance?

By Mike Sherman Some of us are getting up in years, have insured our cars since being a teenager, and have never ever had to...

RVer Safety: Making that difficult decision – Firing a weapon in self-defense

By Mike Sherman We have spent several weeks discussing various aspects of self-protection in your RV. Several comments from our readers were quite beneficial in...

RVer Safety: A case study – Murder on the Bear River

By Mike Sherman I hesitate to bring up the details of this particularly gruesome crime, so if you are sensitive in that regard you might...

RVer Safety: The good, the bad and the ugly of self-protection in a campground

By Mike Sherman Regarding RVer safety and self-protection, particularly in a campground, let's take a look at the good (weapons of choice and a plan),...

RVer Safety: Protection is a personal matter

By Mike Sherman Over the past few weeks we have discussed gun safety, types of weapons and to arm or not to arm. Hopefully everyone...

RVer Safety: When it comes to owning a gun, it’s complicated

By Mike Sherman As previously stated, we are all the product of our environment and life experiences. It has influenced our opinion of weapons, self-defense,...

RVer safety: How much info should you give if you’re pulled over?

By Mike Sherman Last week's article on carrying a weapon in an RV generated a lot of interest. I have heard from readers throughout the...

RVers: To arm or not to arm

By Mike Sherman Many RVers may not always have safety and security at the forefront of their thoughts as they prepare to travel just for...