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How generator neutral-ground bonding for an RV works

  Hi Mike, First off, let me thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into No~Shock~Zone. It has been so educational as a...

Proper RV chassis grounding to prevent “hot skin” condition

  Dear Mike, I stumbled on and it has been very informative. Thanks for the time you have put into it. I am in...

Beware of dangerous “Reflected Hot-Skin Condition”!

  Hello, Mike, I just happened across your YouTube video on camper hot-skin conditions and I had to relate my first experience with it. We...

How often does RV hot-skin wiring occur?

  Dear Mike, Regarding the three essential testers (Digital Multi-Meter, Non-Contact Voltage Tester, and Circuit Analyzer) mentioned in the video from Gary Bunzer in...
RV Electricity

Non-contact voltage tester and false positive results

  Hey Mike, I'm hoping you can answer a question I have. I've tried the Internet, but I think you may be the only person...

Question about installing 50-amp RV outlet at home

  Hi Mike, I’m about to have a 50-amp RV outlet installed at my home. I’ll have the 50 amp installed or purchase a 50...

Expensive mistake when installing 30-amp RV outlet at home

  RV Electricity with Mike Sokol Dear Mike, Thank you for bringing the miswiring issue to light. I have been a licensed journeyman electrician for...

Is surge protector’s reading sufficient to be safe from “hot skin”?

  RV Electricity with Mike Sokol Dear Mike, Thank you so much for your discussion of "hot skin." I recently got a shock touching my...
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Reader asks if new 50-amp outlet is wired correctly

  RV Electricity with Mike Sokol Dear Mike, I have a 50 amp outlet I had put in, and from either hot to the neutral...

Prevent dangerous RV “hot skin” condition

  RV Electricity with Mike Sokol Dear Mike, We recently purchased a pop-up camper. We set it up in the driveway to check things out....

How touching your RV could shock or even kill you

 By Chuck Woodbury, editor, RVtravel.comPlease watch the short video below by Mike Sokol. Watching it could save your life one day! You may be...
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No Shock Zone: Part 1: Introduction

 By Mike SokolWhat follows is the first in a 12-part series about basic electricity for RV users and how to protect yourself and your...