Friday, December 13, 2019
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Police searching for artist who turned famous Chicago “Bean” into Airstream!

CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago police are looking for the suspect who swapped out the famous "Bean" art installation for an Airstream travel trailer. The famous...

“Old Woody,” the 1929 Ford Model A RV of your dreams!

Meet "Old Woody," a custom-built 1929 Ford Model A with a matching teardrop trailer and wooden steamer trunk. The duo was built by Splinter...

This RV can store enough water to last years!

Reader Henry Schwagly sent us this photo and we got a good laugh out of it. He wrote, "Be sure to pack extra water...

Wacky RV includes a chicken coop

There is no end to the variety of recreational vehicles on the road. Take this one, for example. Not only is the paint job...

Weird, wacky RVs of the week

For November 23, 2019 Our writers and editors keep their eyes out for interesting RV-things as we browse the Web. And our readers are always...