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What can we do about vandalized public property?

Dear RV Shrink: One of the comments someone made under last week's column caught my attention.We have not spent much time in campgrounds during the...

Desolenator enables water independence: Just add sun

By Bob DifleyThe first paragraph you read on Desolenator's  website states: "Desolenator is a clean technology venture that has developed and patented what’s on track...

The appeal of boondocking in the desert

By Greg Illes Originally published in November, 2014 Soon, my wife and I will hit the road again. Even though it's not the ideal season for...

Apps help you find public lands

By Dave HelgesonThe U.S. federal government controls nearly 650 million acres of land owned by you and me, the taxpayers of this great nation....

Free camping — at wildlife refuges

By Bib DifleyBe on the lookout for Fish and Wildlife refuges, both national and state, for good boondocking and cheap camping opportunities. When there...

RVers must take responsibility for their own safety

By Bob DifleyOne of the many joys associated with boondocking is finding those pristine, backwoods campsites or forest service campgrounds that have a minimal...

Look for variety in your travels and you’ll find it

By Greg Illes A friend of mine has a luxurious 38-foot class A motorhome, and it sits, parked, at the back of his property. When...