Friday, August 14, 2020
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Skip the repair shop; do it yourself with a “how-to” notebook

By Nanci Dixon We bought a new RV with more bells and whistles, electronics and do-dads in it than our previous landlocked home had. In...

RVers can’t locate source of slideout leak

Dear Gary, We have a 2009 Monaco and have had a leak in the bedroom slide from the very beginning.  It takes about an hour...
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Maintain your RV furnace and keep warm!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Having swung through Nevada's high desert region a few days ago, we were struck by how quickly the seasons...

Nonworking absorption fridge? Read this before replacing it

Dear Gary, I have a refrigerator that needs to have the cooling unit replaced. Do you know of any place that I can get a...

Manually overriding the RV’s slideout system

The RV Doctor Dear Gary, I have a 2011 Jayco trailer with a slide. The owner's manual states that the slide can be manually operated in...

Got hard water problems? Try vinegar!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Having spent a number of years in the "naturally soft water" country of the Pacific Northwest, it was a...

Dealer says water in RV from retracting slideout is normal

Dear Gary, I’m a single woman and have a Fleetwood Bounder. When it rains and I bring the slideout in and I un-level the motorhome,...

How to locate roof leaks

Being careful, get on your roof and feel around. Soft spots can indicate loose roofing material and damage to the substrate, composed of anything...
RV Doctor

Older RV oven acting up – Can it be retrofitted?

Dear Gary, The Suburban oven in our older RV is acting up. The pilot lights normally and when turning the control to a cooking temperature...
RV Doctor

How to fix a drippy RV faucet

Dear Gary, How do you repair the bathroom faucets? I have a two-handle faucet in the bathroom that looks to be all metal and it...

Possible fixes for hard-to-reach toilet leak

Dear Gary, I have an older Tioga motorhome. The hoses connecting to the toilet are leaking. I cannot reach the connections because of the tight...
RV Doctor

Replace anode with drain valve on water heater?

Dear Gary, I was told that it is best to drain your hot water tank after each excursion, so I replaced the anode with a...