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Carhenge still a delight on Nebraska’s high plains

By Julianne G. Crane If roadside attractions grab you enough to venture onto the two-lane back roads of north central Nebraska, and you happen to...
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Lucy the Margate Elephant lives on

Lucy The Elephant and Lucy's Beach Grille from the Atlantic Ocean (LucyTheElephant.org) (This item was first posted in April 2011.  It was updated Jan. 31,...

Let National Geographic lead you to 125 wacky attractions

By Julianne G. Crane It is not always just the national parks that are remembered at the end of a long family RV trip. Often...
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Need a break on I-40, pull off when you see the ‘World’s Largest Spinach...

I-40 is an incredible interstate ... it cuts through the south-central portion of the United States and is the fastest route from the...
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For 66 years the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle has been fun RV Short Stop

A landmark attraction, the World's Largest Catsup Bottle proudly stands watch over Collinsville, Illinois. At 170 feet tall, it includes a 70-foot tall riveted steel bottle...
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Mickey Mouse watches, hot spices within easy walk of Tumacácori Mission

Tumacacori Outpost (Julianne G. Crane) As mentioned on a recent entry on RV Short Stops about the Tumacácori National Historical Park, there are at least...
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Dinosaurs and dried fruit ‘n nuts lure road trippers off I-10 in Cabazon, California

Added to our list of "must stop" roadside attractions along I-10 in southern California's Mojave Desert are Hadley Fruit Orchard's store and the World's...