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Semi sideswipes trailer – enough to ruin your whole day

By Russ and Tiña De Maris With so many folks on lockdown, the road outside has been awful quiet. But digging back into history, we...

Photo: Sad scene after motorhome gets run off the road

This was posted on our Facebook group RV Crashes and Disasters. Oh, this is ugly. The RVer wrote: "Back Road in Tennessee truck coming down hill...

The worst RV crashes and disasters we’ve ever seen!

Yikes! These are by far some of the worst RV crashes and disasters we've ever seen. You can't help but cringe and cry out...

Motorhome sideswipes truck. Video captures it all. Ugly!

Watch as a Class A motorhome sideswipes a big rig truck on I-15 in Southern California. The truck had made an emergency stop before...

Video: Trailer flips, tumbles on highway

It doesn't appear any harm came to humans in this travel trailer wipeout, but the RV surely didn't fare well. You can't tell exactly what...

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