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RVers can’t locate source of slideout leak

Dear Gary, We have a 2009 Monaco and have had a leak in the bedroom slide from the very beginning.  It takes about an hour...

Nonworking absorption fridge? Read this before replacing it

Dear Gary, I have a refrigerator that needs to have the cooling unit replaced. Do you know of any place that I can get a...

The RV Doctor: Can I paint and paper my RV’s interior?

Dear Gary, Can you paint and/or wallpaper the inside of an RV? A service person said it will cause mold under the painted or papered...

Manually overriding the RV’s slideout system

The RV Doctor Dear Gary, I have a 2011 Jayco trailer with a slide. The owner's manual states that the slide can be manually operated in...
RV Doctor

Why won’t RV’s AC work on generator power?

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I have just borrowed a 29-foot motorhome to drive to a NASCAR race. The air conditioner works wonderful when using the extension...

Why are RV batteries setting off CO detector?

Dear Gary, On a recent camping trip, we were connected to 30-amp shore power. During the night, our CO alarm went off. Since there was...

How important is leveling for an RV absorption fridge?

Dear Gary, We recently purchased a used 2007 motorhome and haven't actually camped in it yet but have done some local driving to get used...

Dealer says water in RV from retracting slideout is normal

Dear Gary, I’m a single woman and have a Fleetwood Bounder. When it rains and I bring the slideout in and I un-level the motorhome,...

RVer can’t find slideout’s manual override

Dear Gary, We have a 27-foot Gulf Stream Streamlite trailer with a small slideout. The manual states that there is a manual override to retract...
RV Doctor

What’s the best way to change two flat tires on trailer?

Dear Gary, I have two flat tires on my travel trailer, one on each side. How do I change tires on it? How do I...

How to fix stripped threads on RV water heater anode

Hi Gary, This pertains to the anode rod threading in a Suburban water heater. I cannot get the new anode rod threading to "catch" and...

RV tub will not drain properly

Dear Gary, I have a 1977 Layton travel trailer and it has a bathtub/shower combo. The tub suddenly started filling up with water, not draining,...