Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Should you buy a damaged RV and fix it up yourself?

By Steve Savage Mobility RV Service For the majority of folks, buying a damaged RV and fixing it up themselves is an absolutely terrible idea.Why...

Never lose that bumper hose cap again

By Mel Goddard There are so few places to store your RV sewer hose. You can put it in the basement storage area — if...

Put some good skid wheels on to protect your rig

By Greg Illes My RV is a 2003 Itasca model, and it came equipped with some simple skid bumpers bolted to the back ends...

Temperature-controlled shower unit — high-end but so comfortable

By Greg Illes Many modern homes enjoy the benefits of a temperature-controlled shower. No more hot and cold valves, but rather one handle for setting...

A big TV installation idea for small RVs

By Greg Illes Our RV floor plan had only one TV, and it was mounted up front, high above the captains' chairs. Even after we...