Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Meet the voices of Rocky and Bullwinkle

This short clip of a television interview with Bill Scott and June Foray will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. Bill and...

It’s easy to confuse reality with pretend

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Sometimes I catch myself comparing real life to imitation life. I see places in my travels and I think, "Gee, that...

Don’t call me Pal

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Calm down, Chuck, just calm down! That is what I am telling myself at this very moment. The reason is because...

A change in how we camp not always easy for old folks

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR Sooner or later you show your age whether you want to or not. I just watched the video below that was produced...

How do you eat artichokes and bananas?

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Some friends and I were sitting around a campfire gabbing about random stuff when the subject of food came up. For...

What have you found along the road?

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Here is a question for you: What is the best thing you have ever found along a road — something that...

How much of your holiday shopping are you doing online?

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL After two years of full-timing, Gail and I recently bought a home just north of Seattle, in the "burbs." My home...

Flying buses: The future is (not) here!

This is the top half of a full page magazine ad for Sinclair Oil. I don't know the date it appeared. What do you...

ROADSIDE JOURNAL: My parents pay a visit. . . sort of

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL After I drifted off to sleep last night, my parents paid me a visit. They died 10 years ago, so they...

Another reason to travel with an RV

By Chuck Woodbury I just returned to Seattle from the big Hershey RV Show in Pennsylvania. This  year, I flew; I didn't drive the motorhome....

KOA ad: Really? Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!

By Chuck Woodbury Early in my career, when I was an aspiring capitalist, I subscribed to the weekly bible of the advertising industry, Advertising Age.  I...

Thank your lucky stars you live where you do!

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL I imagine most readers of RVtravel.com live in uncrowded neighborhoods. Some may commute to work on gridlocked freeways or even subways....