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Do you use a dedicated GPS or your phone for navigating on RV trips?

Remember the good ol' days when we actually had to use paper maps to get around? My, how times have changed! What would you...

I’ve had it! I’m tossing my GPS out the window!

By Barry Zander Before the era of GPS took over from unrefoldable maps, our first encounter with the new technology was in a state park...

Your navigation system should tell you more than just “Turn right here”

I've been known to tell people that Google Maps is better than Waze because Google Maps gives me much more detail when the voice...

Don’t get lost – Find your way back by taking a photo

By Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com As an RV traveler, this has to be my favorite feature of Google Photos. I take a picture every time we...

UPDATE: Is your older GPS device about to go bonkers? Statement from Garmin

Did you see our post last Saturday asking if you own any GPS devices or equipment that relies on GPS to function? Some of...

Is your older GPS device about to go bonkers?

Do you own any GPS devices or equipment that relies on GPS to function? If so, now is probably a good time to check...

Want to avoid traffic? Use Waze or Google Maps

Both Waze and Google Maps can give you turn-by-turn voice-directed navigation. Waze also adds real-time crowd-sourced road information including traffic, road hazards and police...

Already nervous RV driver led astray by expensive GPS

Dear RV Shrink: My wife bought me a new GPS for my birthday. It's an expensive, big rig model. It is supposed to have all...

Don’t trust your GPS!

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com We have used many GPS devices. Google Maps on our smartphones is our go-to navigator, but it doesn't know about RVs!...

How to find bicycle trails with Google Maps

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com We have these special new bikes – they’re foldable so they fit in the van, or on the special racks that...

Find the perfect viewing spot for the Total Solar Eclipse

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com Those of us who travel by RV have the enviable opportunity to be in the perfect spot for the historic total...

RV quick tricks: Substitute GPS mounting “hardware”

By Russ and Tiña De Maris My, how the times have changed – stacks of those infernally-hard-to-refold road maps have given way...