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RV History: RVing today in China

By Al Hesselbart RVing in China is more than 50 years behind the U.S. This article is based on my two trips to China to...

RV History: Sheldon Coleman, building a gear empire

By Al Hesselbart In 1925, a young engineer graduated from Cornell University, joined his father’s company, and began a long career inventing and producing a wide...

RV History: The early RV visionaries

By Al Hesselbart The men who created the concept of the RV industry and the lifestyle that accompanied it were amazing visionaries. Many of the pioneers...

RV History: Tent campers

By Al Hesselbart Throughout the history of the recreational vehicle, the most popular style of camper, by volume of models sold, has always been the folding...

RV History: From slide-in to type C

By Al Hesselbart In the late 1950s, slide-in pickup truck campers (identified initially as portable camp coaches) grew in popularity as an alternative to trailers or motorhomes...

RV History: Fifth wheels and the Aerocar

By Al Hesselbart When world champion motorcycle racer and aviation pioneer competitor of the Wright brothers, Glenn Curtiss, conceived an early camping trailer in 1917, he...

RV History: The evolution of campgrounds

By Al Hesselbart In the earliest days of recreational travel, there were very few campgrounds with amenities for travelers with “campers.” At first,  tenters were the...

RV History: Motorized RVs

By Al Hesselbart From the earliest days of “motor camping,” (that is camping with motorized vehicles either to drive or to pull a trailer) driven RVs...

RV History: The evolution of the trailer hitch

By Al Hesselbart   The history of devices to connect a load to a towing device goes back many centuries. From a wooden yoke by which cattle...

The world’s longest RV? We think so!

We'll take a wild guess and say this is the longest RV ever made. If you know differently, please tell us, and send a...

RV History: Aviation pioneers and the early RVs

By Al Hesselbart Aviation pioneers and other aviation related leaders have played a very large part in the growth of the RV industry from the...

GMC motorhomes: Oldie but goodie still looks good

Most motorhomes built more than four decades ago are badly showing their age — if you can even find one outside a junkyard. Not...