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Add extra counter space to RV kitchen with stove top cover

You've heard this before (most likely by the person responsible for food preparation). There is never enough counter working space in an RV kitchen. But...

Why outside RV kitchens are a stupid idea

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, RVtravel.com Originally published in March, 2010 The new big thing in RVs is an outdoor kitchen. That's what the Edmonton Journal reported...

Ten ways to save space and weight in your RV

By Adrienne Kristine For most RVers, storage space is very limited in their RV. In addition, all RVers are limited to carrying only so much...

Losing (RV) weight begins in the galley

By RVtravel.com staff There is a direct connection between reducing the weight inside your RV and increasing the mileage for every gallon of expensive gas...

Dealing with RV kitchen fires

By Jim Twamley When I was a kid I was frying something in oil and the pan caught fire. I didn't know what to do....

Freezing foods for easy fixin’ — Part 1

By Ralph Graner When on the road RVing, or camping in national parks like Yellowstone or Grand Tetons, you don't always have the time or...

Freezing foods for easy fixin’ – Part 2

Editor's note: Adding to Ralph Graner's ideas for freezing foods for easy fixin', here's a little extra freezin' foods wisdom from Alice Henneman, MS, RD,...

Traveling burger grilling done safely

By Russ and Tiña De Maris It was J. Wellington Wimpy, Popeye's sidekick, who oft pled: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."...

Grow some sprouts for fun and nutrition

By Greg Illes For some time now, we have become increasingly health conscious, especially with respect to our foods. Gluten-free, grass-fed, no-preservatives and so forth...

A simple step can keep your tank monitor probes clean

By Bob Difley How much water is in your gray water tank? Can you push the button on the monitor panel and be really sure...

How to be weight and space efficient in your RV kitchen

By Adrienne Kristine No matter how large your rig is or how much storage space you think you have to fill, the weight of what...

Eliminate smelly kitchen towels

By Rene Agredano If you've ever had an unpleasant whiff of mildew on a kitchen wash cloth or sponge, you know that humidity and a...