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Camco Silent Top Stovetop Cover adds food prep space

Are you tired of hearing a rattling stovetop cover when on the road? Would you like to have more space for food prep? Take...

Air-Dryr fights rust, mold and mildew in hidden places

Notice to RV owners: Moisture is insidious. It can hide unseen in the dark depths of cabinets and lockers. Even small amounts can cause...

Extend your action camera up to 9 feet

You've possibly used – or thought about using – your smartphone on a selfie stick to take some great shots of your RV travels....

New Dometic RMD 10 fridge now available to consumers

First introduced in 2017 to RV manufacturers only, the cutting-edge Dometic RMD 10 refrigerator with innovations like a patented double-hinged door, an elegantly designed...

Video: Charge your cell phone with a campfire!

In this video from the RVtravel.com YouTube channel, Eric Brotman shows you how you can use any heat source – even a campfire – to...

Zap that filthy RV awning – with Mr. Clean’s help

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Living in the desert Southwest, dealing with dirt is a way of life. Seems like dust blows nearly year-round,...

Keep your starter battery charged this winter with Battery Tender

This is the time of year when RVers are either storing their rig for the winter or thinking about the warm sunny campgrounds and...

Handwoven Ecuadorian blankets make a vibrantly colorful accessory

If you like adding decorative and unique accessories to your RV that also prove to be practical and efficient, look at these Ecuadorian blankets woven...

Spiff up your galley prep with retro RV cutting mats

Who says your galley (it's NOT a kitchen) should have the same old dull accouterments as your sticks-and-bricks house's kitchen. Put some pizzazz into your cooking...

Microwave plate cover contains splatters, stows flat

How many times have you exploded something in the microwave only to have your significant other complain about your messy habits? Figured it is...

You and your RVing pets will love the Pet Pail

If you travel with a pet you are among the majority of RV owners that do so – 61% according to a 2015 RVIA...

Winegard announces new Carryout G3 satellite antenna

BURLINGTON, IA – July 24, 2018 (from press release) – Winegard® Company, the leading U.S. residential, mobile and commercial antenna manufacturer since 1953, has...