Thursday, July 2, 2020
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One reader’s very unusual pet. No one else has one!

When asking you, our readers, to send in photos of your pets, we got an unusual submission from reader Dan Kooienga. Dan wrote, "This...

If you could tell someone new to RVing one thing, what would it be?

Say your close friend was buying their first RV. They had never owned one before. If you were standing next to them having a...

Black Lives Matter as RVers too

Last week we featured a reader letter sent in by Tracy Schulz. Tracy and her husband, an interracial couple, describe a terribly sad and...

A poem from a reader: “To get a pet”

Janet Jackson is one of our long-time readers. She is currently incarcerated in Illinois. This poem was handwritten and mailed to us. By Janet Jackson When...

Want to RV around Canada, eh? Our readers suggest their favorite routes

By Emily Woodbury In a recent poll on May 12th, we asked if you've ever been RVing in Canada. More than 2,200 of you responded,...

Readers tell us: Do you own a record player?

By Emily Woodbury OK, I realize this isn't the most thrilling of topics (or RV-related), but when I saw the results of this poll I...

Readers tell us: Do you like to play golf?

By Emily Woodbury Why do golfers always carry a spare pair of trousers with them? In case they get a hole in one. Ha! On May...

Readers tell us: How will the U.S. resuming business affect the coronavirus spread?

By Emily Woodbury As I'm sure you've noticed, around the U.S. state governors are starting to open businesses, relaxing stay-at-home requirements, and encouraging more people...

Readers tell us: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

By Emily Woodbury Are you tired of hearing about the coronavirus yet? Well, yes, I am too. However, it's something that's going to be the...

Readers tell us: When RVing, how often do you mail a postcard?

By Emily Woodbury Who doesn't love getting a postcard in the mail? Most of the time when we check our mailboxes, what's inside? Junk mail...

Readers tell us: Are you taking more naps now than before?

By Emily Woodbury I've never been a napper. I don't know what it is, but unless something has kept me up all night, there's no way...

Readers tell us: Have you cancelled camping reservations for the summer?

By Emily Woodbury When we published this poll on May 3rd, we dreaded asking you this question: Have you cancelled your camping reservations for this...